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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
I started out the night wanting to get laid. It's hard to find non hookers in Phnom Penh, and it has killed a lot of my motivation. I went and hung out at a popular bar and. Mostly working girls there, so I figured what the hell I'll go for another shore as long as she is very hot. I ended up talking with a girl with a straight banging body and cute face. Very pretty girl. Her English wasn't that good, I kept telling her I don't pay for sex. Doing hand signals, etc. I had a girl working at the bar tell her in Khmer, and she shrugged and said OK. I thought it was fine, then she left. I started talking to another girl when she left, figuring she wanted only guys who would pay. 20 minutes later she returned and just butted into our conversation. I didn't care cause she was so hot. I figured it was on, that she decided she didn't care. A few minutes later we were headed back to my hotel. We arrived and her body was just as good as I had imagined. No complaints here. But when we started having sex, it was clear this girl is just over sexed and that sex isn't fun for her. I didn't run into this shoring in Thailand but I have here in Cambodia. It killed a ton of the passion, but i figured whatever, her amazing body made up for it.

The next morning I had to physically stand her up because she wanted to keep sleeping even though it was 1 oclock. Then when she was about to leave she says "money". I was so pissed. I had started shoring 2 weeks earlier She was my 5th shore and I had made it very clear I wouldn't pay. More clear than with any of the other girls. I told her that and she started crying. I noticed for the first time scars on her wrists where it looked like she tried to slit them and commit suicide. This girl had some issues. She wouldn't leave. I had to be a complete dick to this girl and force her out of the door. I gave her enough money to take a tuk tuk home. I felt like shit afterwards. I hate being the bad guy like this. It made me realize that dealing with prostitutes really isn't worth it. Not when I can have other girls, even deal with very sexy prostitutes isn't worth it. So many of these girls have deep issues that you end up seeing. But either way...

+1 Notch. #41 of 2012. #4 in Cambodia.

I had met this other girl online and had webcammed with her. I know it sounds strange but I have freaky good webcam game. If I webcam with a girl, she will do whatever it takes to meet me afterwards. I think it's because you can legitimately run game on them with body language, etc. while webcamming. The only thing you can't do is physically escalate. Anyways after webcamming with her she really wanted to meet me. So right after I pushed the other girl out the door I got on skype and had this other girl meet me at my hotel. I had already gamed and escalated (sexually escalated) online so when she arrived here all the work was already done. We just went up to my room and 10 minutes later we were going at it. She had a big ass for an asian girl. It was really sexy. She also very clearly wanted to have sex with me. Tons of passion. The stark contrast between the prostitutes lack of passion and this girls obvious attraction to me made the sex that much better, even though the internet girl wasn't quite as hot as the prostitute.

This bang sealed into my head that I will go after no more shores. No more going to bars frequented by prostitutes. I know if I do go I can't turn down trying to game a pretty girl, prostitute or not. So I will start avoiding those places. I will stick to day game, internet game, and night game in local venues.

On a positive note this is the first time I have banged 2 new girls within 12 hours of each other. I almost always wait 24 hours to go for a new girl, but this time, within 12 hours, I got 2 new girls. Felt pretty good.

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