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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
I was not looking forward to New Year's Eve. Tuth's ROK post about how holidays are amateur hour resonated with me. I told a friend I'd meet her at a party but I was dreading it. I hate that sense of expectation, that you better get laid or the night is a failure. I hate not having someone to kiss at midnight. I beat off five times that day in hopes of not even having to think about women. Went out in the cold and got on the bus figuring I'd make a cameo and then go home and play Skyrim.

But, stunningly, the party was good. It was hosted by a woman, which often means sausage fest, but this person actually took care in selecting her guests and there was talent. My stubborn penis shook off the beatings it had taken and commanded me to speak to people. Booze flowed liberally. I became drunk, and I turned into a missile. I talked to every hot girl in the room. Girls who seemed like they'd normally be bitchy and hostile felt safe with the good ratio and I got a couple prospects going. I had been there since 10:30 and it was looking like I might line up a midnight kiss in a scant 90 minutes, and after that, who knows.

One girl was just gorgeous. Skinny blonde, classic beauty. She was opening up, but slowly. Another one was merely OK; Peruvian girl with green eyes, looked a little like that Afghan girl from the old National Geographic cover. My friend talked to the Peruvian and told me "that girl wants to fuck you." How do you know? "She told me." All right. I'm not exactly a hard target. But when midnight rolled around I went in on the hotter girl and kissed her. I had to go for it. She was receptive. But it wasn't feeling like ONS material. The kiss didn't escalate to a makeout. I was suddenly mindful of Roosh's old post telling you to always go for the sure thing. I went across the room and grabbed the "just OK" girl and started making out. We got plastered and headed back to my house. I was too drunk to pop wood at night, but we spent New Year's Day having filthy hangover sex.

Good way to kick off 2013. But still-- maybe I could have pulled the cuter one. I can never remember that quote from the Unbearable Lightness of being... something about how life is meaningless because you can't know what would have happened had you chosen the other path. Probably just more jerking off, but you never know.

01-01-2013 08:02 PM
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