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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 Startin the year off with a bang Banana I`m hoping for another notch tomorrow (well today now)

tall punk chick with a few extra pounds (would be a 7 easy minus 20lb). Met her on okc. she visited my page and I said "aw too shy to say hi" she replied with a wink. I replied with "lets grab drinks (today) at 8." I thought I was fucked because the liquor store was closed and so was the bar that was close by. The only bar open in the area was this one I took a girl to in the summer. I got there and she was already drunk. Bought her one drink, me two and after about 20 minutes told her we should go on an adventure. We catch the bus and she busts out more booze. Gives me the standard "I get drunk a lot" stories. She asks where we're going. I tell her somewhere fun. Get to my place and we put on a tv show pro-tip find shows on youtube. they're usually in multiple parts of 10 mins each. put the first part on. when it ends go for the makeout after no more than a min of chit chat.

After the show she says shes going to "fight me" for some reason or another and starts playfully trying to wrestle me. Makeout then some pitiful LMR. She swatted my hand away when it was halfway down her pants but gave in when I started rubbing her pussy from the outside. Bitch wasn't even wearing any underwear. We get to fucking and I start on top which sucks. Tall chicks or girls with slightly longer torsos can't fuck like this. Their legs get in the way and you can't fuck hard. I got her to hold her legs up and made her ride the poundtown express. Jackhammering till I was out of breath. Started fucking her doggy and I realized I could see the reflection in my giant window which was a huge turn on. I'm going to incorporate this into my future fucking. Push her down and fuck her flat then nut.

We watch some more tv then I go at it again. She starts sucking my dick like a champ. She tells me she wants me to stand up. She stared at me the whole time and smacked my cock on her face. I could see her head bobbing in the window. We start banging again, but I have to use the shitty type of condom because I ran out of the others. We fuckfor a while and she starts like shaking as I'mfucking her from the side. She assures me its because shes about to cum so I start choking her. She starts sucking me again, after deepthroating me and with saliva dripping down her chin and a thin band of it attatched to my cock she says "god damn you are hot"

I eventually kick her out and just as she leaves I pull down her pants and push herover the bed. I stop myself though because I didn't want to rawdog. She told me "I didn't want that to happen tonight but you fucked me so good, I'm glad"
01-02-2013 03:37 AM
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