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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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Thumbs Up Several "firsts" in one night
Last night (technically early today) I achieved several "firsts" in one: my first SNL, my first time with a Black woman, first in NYC. W00t.

Despite the work week not being over, and not heading out until it was already too late (I thought), I was restless as hell and ended up cruising NYC dolo, like so many nights before. Ended up in line for a black club I often hit up (with wildly varying levels of success), went through the pat-down (metal detectors and TSA-style frisks are de rigeur), and ducked into the dimly-lit reggae room where it's chock full of drunk ladies booty-grindin' whoever is nearest. Within five minutes I was drunk off jack and the ambient marijuana smoke (seriously--it's like hotboxing just standing in there, my clothes still smell like skunkweed).

The woman standing next to me at the bar had eyeballed me briefly a few times, so I just turned to her with a smile and after exchanging names, I asked her where her friends were. She announced "Oh I'm here on my own, I don't need to bring friends just to go out to the club." We were grinding and making out sloppily a minute and a half later. After about five minutes of rapidly escalated, aggressive groping, I asked her to come with me "somewhere else," vaguely mentioning going to a diner or something. She just said "sure," took my hand and we left the club and went to my car. She pretty much dropped any pretense of going anywhere but the nearest dimly-lit side street. I banged her raw-dog right in the back seat on some Manhattan cross street. She had large boobs that felt great in my hands, and although she was a bit overweight she wasn't morbidly obese or disgusting. I quite enjoyed the bang, despite random men walking past occasionally to peep us. She complained slightly about that, but I didn't give a whit and continued plowing her essentially in full public view. She never resisted other than saying "OMG I can't believe I'm doing this! Those dudes are looking at us!" as I pumped away. Crazy night. Thing I remember most about her was how incredibly SOFT her skin was--seriously, black women have the softest silky-smooth skin of any race, in my experience.

After busting a full load of hot seed right up toward her womb (of course THAT was exhilarating) I felt the immediate dread that storms back into the male mind the very instant ejaculation sputters to a halt--fear of pregnancy and, to a lesser extent, mild concern about catching the drip. It was only then she must have realized she'd just let a total stranger quite possibly impregnate her, because she started asking questions to get to know me as our bodies lay tangled together and motionless in sweet post-coital exhaustion. As far as I know she didn't even remember my first name, and I certainly had never mentioned my surname. I was careful not to upset that state of affairs, despite her questions growing increasingly salient. I sped her back to her building a few blocks away and, after a promise to call her and a brief peck on the lips, she was out of visual range of my license plates, fast as a snap. Yeah, I'm a selfish bastard of a cowardly cad, but I just don't need any of the ensuing drama, poverty or incarceration that could result if my new lover should decide to, say, accuse me of fathering her baby.

An observation: if, like me, you're a white guy who has an eye for the sisters, be aware that black guys in NYC can be rather hostile in these venues, and even many of the black women here definitely carry a vibe of low-grade animosity. It's very different from my experience of "black" clubs like Lux or Love in DC, where men are pretty chill--downright polite even--and the ladies are at worst indifferent (but often enough are slightly intrigued, as we ironically benefit from the "minority aura" of being one of perhaps two or three whites in the entire establishment). As long as you don't have a tendency to escalate minor slights into full confrontations, I doubt you'll run into real trouble from other patrons.
01-12-2013 12:38 AM
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