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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
I got rid of my girl from before. Stopped taking her calls and didn't answer the door to my hotel room. I got over my first cold that I had had in Asia, then went to walking street with scotian and travelhardcore. We walked down the famous street and saw the many leftovers from New Years. Pattaya is not a good place normally but it's pretty sweet during new years. We wanted to go hit one of the punching machines so and THC knew where one was. Earlier that day I had said how I hadn't had a white girl since I was back in the USA and I wanted one. I wanted my Russian flag. On the way to finding the punching machine a tall russian girl gave me the eye contact I needed. I started talking to her and she followed us to the punching machine. She was there with her friend, but this girl was so into me that no wingman was needed. I split from the group and talked to the two Russian girls. Then I got her to leave her friend and we walked down the Pattaya beach. We talked, even though my voice was going out thanks to talking all day and that I was getting over a cold. Her hotel was close so we walked down the beach toward it. I got the first kiss while sitting next to the beach with her. This girl was so into me, it was over... i thought.

Later we arrived at her hotel. I tried to come in but her friend was not happy. Cockblocked. Dumb Dumb, should have went to my place. I was under the impression they had separate rooms. We made out on the balcony and I felt her up and we made a plan for Bangkok. Fuck... no Russian flag and it was after 4 am. What do I do? Back to walking street.

I called THC and Scotian and him were already back at the hotel with a girl. Looks like i was going to be hitting the clubs alone. I went into the club and approached the first hot girl that gave me eye contact. It all went well until I asked my usual "Are you working?" "Yes." fuck. I had given up shoring 100% so time to move on. I did the same thing with another girl. 5 minutes into the conversation I found out she was working too. Where are the leftover normal girls from New Years? I did my normal scan and approach and there was another girl. She was on the phone, but I could tell she was attracted to me. I approached her anyway. She immediately ended her call, and we started talking. Her friends said they were going to another place and she replied she would meet up with them in a few minutes. At this point my voice sounded like a teenage boy who hit puberty. It was nearly 100% gone, and the yelling in the club was using up the little voice I had left. I took out my phone and opened notepad. I started talking to her 100% like that. I think the people around us thought I was deaf, but it was working well. I was teasing, dhv'n, everything I needed to be doing. The club closed and she told me to wait outside the bathroom for her. I went and waited out front so she would think I left her. "I thought you had left me." she replied when she came out of the club. Haha.

We went to another place to play pool. I had sort of kissed her in the club before, but it wasn't a good kiss. When we were nearly to the bar I pulled her to me and got a good kiss. (An essential part to getting a girl in bed who's not so easy). I had noticed that this girl really didn't want to go back to my hotel with me. I kept hinting at it and she would dodge. But I had been gaming 2 girls for the last 8 hours and I wasn't about to go home empty handed. I kept up my notepad conversation with her. Finally I tried to get her back to my hotel, and she declined again. However, I got her to go to the beach with me. It was like 7 am and we went to a private beach up in the Northern part. It wasn't a bad beach, much better than the tourist beach I had seen before. It was actually sort of romantic. We kissed more by the ocean and then got some food. Next thing I knew it was 9 am. We started heading back and I didn't ask her to come with me, I just got a taxi and told her to get in.

She came back to my hotel and showered then I went to work. Escalating, escalating, I didnt have much resistance until I got to her panties. But she would not budge. I knew this girl really liked me; I gamed her perfectly at the beach. Why would a girl I met at a club, and one that was so clearly into me put up this kind of resistance to sex? I eventually got the tip in to find that she was ridiculously tight. Wow. I finally gave up, assuming that she had a boyfriend and didn't want to sleep.

We went to bed and THC and Scotian woke me up saying they were headed back to BKK and to get ready. I signaled that it hadn't gone too well and I told them I would join them later that night. I would get this girl. She was a 23 year old hotty with a thin body, a really nice rack and a small, cute butt. I wanted her. I woke her up and tried again. I finally got her panties off and tried, but it was too tight, and when I would try to go further into her she would scream with pain. WTF? This seemed so familiar. "Are you a virgin?"
"I didn't think you would believe me so I never said anything." She was right, I wouldn't have believed her. But finally it all made sense. I spent the next couple of days with her. We would try for sex and I would get a little ways in, then she would scream in pain and stop. I could finally see why nobody had really had sex with her.

Finally I was able to get her horny enough to block out the pain, and we did it. I ended up spending every moment of the next few days with her. We just layed in bed and had sex. Sometimes we would leave the room for 7/11 meals, but that was it. Finally I told her I was going back to bkk, she wanted to come but she had to get all her things ready. She had her own driver (rich girl) so I figured I could save some money if I went to BKK with her since he would just take us. However, I had left hickeys on her neck so she didn't want to go back to her house or her mom would see. Whatever, I told her to meet me in bkk and left. Had a great time with that girl.

+1. First Thai Virgin. #46 of last 365 days (going for 50). #11 in Thailand. #1 of 2013
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