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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
It was my last night in Butuan and I was going to catch a bus early in the morning back to Cagayan. I had spent a lot of the day with the big boobed girl I had come to butuan to see. I wasn't really looking for anything but I started chatting on facebook and a girl from the provinces of butuan started messaging me. Saying how she had only seen 1 foreigner in real life and how she wanted to meet one. It was about 10pm, so I told her if she can make it all the way to the city this late then she could meet me at my hotel. She set off to find out and soon was on her way. Her pictures looked sexy. Very skinny girl, but good curves. Her face didn't look too good, but I figured she was a sure thing with no work so what the hell.

She arrived and she looked the same, but she had kind of a strange personality. I took her to my room and there was no resistance to anything. She also called me handsome probably 300 times in a 2 hour period. No joke. It was overkill and showed she had a strange personality. I finally kissed her and she kissed very strange, almost bit me every time. She was not that cute, and her body was too skinny for me. But there she was on my bed wanting it. So i said to myself what the fuck. I got her naked and went for it. Got the notch, but I just wasn't that attracted to her. Only lasted 30 seconds before I lost wood. The real problem started when I tried to kick her out. I really didn't want her there, and she ended up just staying put in my bed. She kept trying to make moves on me. She would do the kino escalation and i would back away. I really felt what it was like to be a girl that didn't want to be touched by some creepy dude with no game. I'm too nice of a guy to just throw her out when she had nowhere to go so late, so we watched a movie til 5 am then I sent her on her way.

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