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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
7 new for 2013, 3 in the past 6 days. Had the week off so I there was time to get some work done. 2 girls were standard date recipe lays, but one deserves a recap.

I went upstate to visit some family. After spending the day with them, I go meet up with my uncle. This is a 300 pd. Italian mobster looking guy who still likes to party hard and is the greatest wingman in the world. He just points at girls at the bar, starts laughing while waving them over and says ‘you have to meet my nephew!’ and brags about me. Works wonders with friendly city girls. Anyway…

We drive all the way out to the town of Fishkill (where I have never been) to the one bar in a 30-mile radius. Fuck. We step in and there are about 20 guys and 3 girls there. One girl is a blonde 7 and she is surrounded by 5 guys all giving her their utmost attention. Pathetic. The other two girls are low 5’s and wandering around, chatting up all of their local friends.

As I enter and scan the room I can see and feel everyone in there give me a glance, but most are hard stares because they have never seen me before. I don’t know how people do it in small towns.

Uncle and me post up, do some shots, start telling stories and laughing. He is looking out over my shoulder and keeps tells me that one of the 5’s keeps staring in my direction. I say “I don’t care, she is disgusting” and stay with my back turned.

We are there for an hour and I get nice and drunk. Not drunk enough to want to fuck a 5, but still want to have some fun. I turn around and see the female yokel looking right at me. I make the ‘come hither’ motion and she jaunts right up with a smile. I whisper in her ear “I like fishing, I can already tell what you like” (devil smirk on my face) and she replies very softly “I like sex.” I reply “I can’t hear you” and she says louder “I like sex.” I say “say it like you mean it” and she yells loudly “I LIKE SEX!”

As soon as she does that, 2 of her dipshit guy friends come over and ask if everything is ok. I burst out laughing, turn my back to them and continue talking to uncle.

5 minutes later she stands right next to me at the bar and takes out some cigarettes. I say “I want one of those” and we go outside to smoke. While we are outside, she asks, “Do you want to know a secret?” I say “of course” and she takes me around the back of the bar to a patio that is used in the summer.

It’s completely dark and there are a lot of little benches to sit on. I ask her “which one is the most comfortable?” and she takes me to the darkest corner bench. I ask “so how many blowjobs have you given back here?” and she giggles and says “none yet.” I say “not for long”, pull out my cock and she sucks it like antidote.

I never had to kiss her.
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