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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
8th new since January. 4th in the past 7 days.

Went to a ‘burlesque’ show…but it was more of a bondage/torture exhibition between two sexpot hipster girls. The show did put everyone in a great mood though and it broke out into a dance party right after.

During the dancing two big Dominican dudes start fighting with each other. I don’t know what it is but whenever there is a fight at a party and people are having a good time, I am compelled to go over and break it up. So the two guys are wrestling on the floor and I grab the one on top and throw him off. The owners of the club run over and grab the other guy and push him out the door. I am holding the other guy back telling him ‘its not worth it’ and trying to stop him from throwing punches. He calms down and I make my way back over to friends at the bar.

Me getting in the middle of that fight with the huge guys makes my adrenalin soar to astronomical levels. I felt fucking bulletproof now. Better than drugs.

Everyone is talking what happened and I find the cutest girls to chat up about it and they can smell my testosterone. One even commented on how my eyes were shining. I find a very tall, smooth skinned, sultry Chinese girl who is moving like a mynx and we start dancing and rubbing eachother.

We are getting very turned on and then all of a sudden one of the fighting dudes comes to the front door and starts banging on the glass. The bar owner and me go over and just as the owner gets close to the glass. Smash…all over his face. I help him pick some of the glass out of his skin and in the process cut my hands up.

Go to the bathroom to wash up and on the way, the Chinese girl comes running over asking if I am okay and she comes in the bathroom with me where I wash the blood off and then slam her against the wall and start making out.

I say ‘lets get out of this fucked up place’ and we walk to my apartment, smoke a joint and fuck. I don’t know what it is about Asians but I always destroy their pussys until they can’t take it any more. That plus the added pheromone boost from the fighting equaled a night of crazy sex. She could barely move after.

Lesson here?
02-24-2013 02:15 PM
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