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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
#5 of 2013 and first cold approach SNL this year. I started off the evening by having beers with a 30 year old I gamed but failed to bang last summer and had not seen in months. I knew she had been dating some guy but wanted to feel her out to see if she was open to some side action but it was a no go. I left her and got back to my town about 10 and decided to hit my favorite bar and see what was going on on a Tues night. It was hopping-lot of spring breakers and some locals.

I seldom see other solo players out and rarely talk to them, but this night I did. I stated chatting with a guy at the bar, 40s, fit, turned out he was in a military special operations unit, a very cool guy. We had some things in common and hit it off and started talking about game and the girls in the bar. He wandered off for a while and when he came back he pointed out two girls just down the bar from us, a cute white girl and a really hot black girl and said "I overheard that black girl saying that she wanted to fuck you, and I'm reading her lips right now and she's saying it again."

I went right over and opened her. Thereupon followed a two hour interaction that consisted of us bantering and me teasing her and her saying repeatedly "You an asshole" , "You're such a dick!" and even "I hate you!" multiple times. I just smirked at her and carried on- I knew she was testing me to see if I would supplicate to her. Her friend was a great cockenabler; she kept saying "When are you going to take her home?" and Are you going to fuck her or not, you know she wants it" Sometimes whispering this to me, sometimes saying out loud right in front of the girl.

My new friend came over for a while to see if i needed a wing to deal with my girl's friend, but when he saw what was going on he just smiled and went off to game a South American girl. A very large, very drunk guy came over and tried to AMOG me, but I handled him by being really friendly showing no sign that i was worried about him. While he was talking to the black girl, the white girl leaned over to me and said " She's just talking to him to make you jealous" which was something I knew already. After 5 minutes, he bugged off. The white girl wanted to take a pic and the black girl jumped into my lap.

You may be wondering why I didn't just get the girl out of the bar right away. I considered that, but decided to slow play it because this girl had the hot girl attitude and I read her as possibly downgrading me if I showed too much eagerness. I chose to play it cool, as if girls throwing themselves at me was an everyday occurrence, recognizing that i was taking a calculated risk that something could go wrong in the bar. Finally. I told her lets go, and drove her to her nearby condo. Zero resistance. She had a great slender body with perky tits, an amazing ass, a nipple and belly button piercing, and beautiful skin. 8.0. She's 23, I'm 50 (told her I'm 43). I've come to agree with Roissy's dictum that with American girls at least, one third of them like older guys, one third do not, and the other third are neutral and gameable on the issue. If you're an older guy , just go for it , lots of young women want your dick!

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03-13-2013 01:03 PM
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