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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 for kosko. End of a dry streak in godless Toronto and again proving that tourist game reigns supreme.

I banged out some Jewish chic from Ohio on my mattress and now it's fuking ruined because she squirted on it... SMH.

This one did not involve some antics like I am accustomed too. All I know is that running game in American girls is easy peasy. Her and her friend were here on Spring Break, and being 20 got sauced up at Sneaky Dees which for non Toronto heads is a dumpy dive bar in Little Italy. Everything ran smooth, the place was barley half full but full of a decent number of broads. I rolled solo and made friends with a Italian dude. I low key cockblocked him since he wanted the Jewish chic and not her friend. But hey the dude was too nice to try and close the deal, I gave him multiple chances to close it and he didn't (I actually wanted her friend more). I actually kept chasing some dumb white girl whom was obsessed with TRAP. She proved to dumb with to much attitude so I ditched her. It's funny because the Jew girl kept professing that she would:

A) Not make our with me (tried like 6 times)
B) not sleep with me


Her hamster was strong as hell. Bitch was almost in tears when she had to accept defeat and take my invite to go party at my crib. We cab it and they bitch about how much the cab is but still pay it all... Okay cool. At this point a dude I met from Richmond Hill actually ended up pulling the taller Blonde I wanted. My Italian Wing should of hit her up, both of us said we did not care but hey his loss. So we were just clowning these broads as much as we could. His shit was on lock, his girl wanted dick. Dude ran proper game from start to finish on the Blondie, he deserves a toast.

Me and my girl share the bathroom at the same time. In typical trashy American fashion she has no qualms taking a big leak infront of some stranger. I end up pissing in her expensive coat as she was standing kinda I the way but the second I rolled out he meat she was grabbing up on me. We make out in the hell way and I fucked her twice, once raw on my shitty mattress.

As I said in other threads I get this urge to raw dog certain sluts and this one was one of them. That boogie man of Stds and shit, whatever. Her pussy was kosher so I'm assuming I'm good!

I learned from this that broads don't care where your fuck once you get past that LMR.

I turned some open Feminist bitch whom did not want to suck my dock into a submissive whore whore whom I was choking and slapping around and face fuking.

Agian the rules of never listening to what a girl says live true. This girl said openly she loved my Italian wing and still tried to look for him when we were outside. I still ignored her junk and fucked her silly.

I fucked for me. She wanted more dick but I was to tierd and just ignored her slept, kinda wanted her to leave actually lol.

Tourist game is king here. I have not fucked a Toronto girl in a while, none this year. This is looking like he events to exploit as tourist season starts to ramp up. The Trap girl I was talking to was into me by her attitude could not let her embrace something she wanted. Typical Toronto female shit, bring on the tourists because the local broads are seriously fukced. The exchange I had with the Ohio Jew girl was 100% normal, Trap girl 100% akward.
03-29-2013 07:52 AM
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