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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
I dont think I am doing anything different from you guys its just my setting is different. 5 +1 off solo, 1 +1 off duo and a +1 off 2 girls 1 guy and I am talking about fucking her that night. Ive gotten 2 more +1 off getting numbers and going on actual dates (30ish numbers total, 5 dates) but my date game is still weak compared to most here. I had a girl CALLING me that she wanted to fuck me in my cab but I was 10 minutes late on picking her up at the end of the night and she never texted back after that obviously.

Solo girl: direct game. There could be a thousand reasons why a solo girl is taking a cab home and this is the ideal situation for obvious reasons. Common phrases I use in the conversation would be "whats wrong with you? you didnt bring anyone home tonight?", "yea, you got no chance to fuck me tonight so don't even try".

Duo girls: make fun of the attractive one. I always turn the conversation to sex when its 2-3 girls since they feed of the energy of each other and I get them to open up about crazy stories that keeps everyone laughing. Probably could improve on this situation the most. I got one lay off duo girls and thats because I dropped one off and the other stayed for another stop. 2 girls is where I got the majority of my numbers from since solo girl I am pressing to fuck that night.

2 girls 1 guy: Its always the dude pressing me to "come in for a beer" or "hang out" and I have always been worried about the dude wanting my dick because I could never understand why he would be pressing so hard for me to come in. Last night same thing happened but it was 2 french girls who barely spoke English and that clued me in that he is just trying to help out the other girl who struck out that night. So many missed opportunities here.

2 girls 2 guys and 4 girls I dont even bother. I actually am starting to realize that 1 girl and 3 guys is usually 3 beta orbiters. Ive had a lot of girls flirting with me pretty hard when there was 3 dudes in the car with her and usually its the girl in the front with me and the 3 dudes in the back. If she was getting laid it would probably be just her and 1 guy or 2 girls 2 guys situation right?

Lately Ive been using lines I read Gio using like "what is the coolest thing you've done lately" and "we should chat again sometimes" for a number close. Getting improved feedback but I still wish I had like 10-12 minutes per call instead of 5-8 minutes. Its so hard to build a connection in a small time frame.

The best time of the year for cab game has already passed, I will have 1 more sweet weekend when exams are done then my city dies down pretty hard in the Summer.
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