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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Never posted in this thread, but since my very small harem collapsed and this chick was part of it, I figure why not. This girl Maria had been part of my harem, then quit when she decided she wanted to have "the talk" (and found out I wasn't going to be in a relationship with her and that I wasn't locked down), then re-joined as a friend with benefits type situation.

She had some really rough family stuff going on recently and has been out of town dealing with it. She alluded to the fact that she thought things were "changing between us" in the last phone call I had with her. I thought we were cycling back to a permanent "friends only" type thing (which is fine, but sucks at this point of complete harem collapse and only 1 SLOOOOOWW building prospect.

Texts continued this week as I came back from a nearly week-long vacation out of town and she returned from a weeks long family stuff visit coincidentally at almost the same time. She escalated me through texts about how she was just going to jump me as soon as she got back.

My thought: Banana

I made the mistake of inviting the SLOOOW moving new prospect girl over since she was really keen on meeting up with me, which was a mistake because I didn't go for the sure thing and get laid. This was especially rookie as I'm supposed to go on a wine tasting trip with the new prospect tomorrow and I had to go out of town yesterday/the night before.

So, while I had a great time with the new prospect, I was ultimately blue-balled. And Maria texted me to say she couldn't wait any longer (was thinking of having her come over as a backup after the new prospect left).

"Fuck!" I thought and jerked off and went to bed.

Last night after getting back from out of town, completely exhausted, I had Maria come over, chatted for a bit, then went to town on her, forcing her to orgasm then fucking her a few different ways before finishing. Right to bed, then woke up in the morning, she blew me for a while before I gave her some 69 to get her right to the edge, then ordered her to ride me until she came. She did, I did, then we got some coffee/breakfast and I ended my over month long dryspell. Longest dryspell I've had in a couple years.

Not a new notch, but feels fucking awesome, I was getting very frustrated with the lack of getting laid.

I look forward to posting in this thread over the weekend. The new prospect Kay and I are gonna have our own room for the wine tasting trip. I don't see how it's possible I couldn't close and add a real new notch to the thread. Gonna make it happen.

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