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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(06-21-2013 02:46 AM)delicioustacos Wrote:  First date off OKC. 21 year old nanny from Florianopolis. She lives with some rich family in the Hollywood Hills. We snuck up a hiking path, gorgeous view of all of L.A. I rawdogged her on a boulder. Then I ejaculated on a cactus.

Thank you Jesus.

Probably the first time the cactus got pricked back.

So I just had sex. This is ripped right from my latest post. If you want some more background on Yoga Chick here's 1, 2, and 3:

So last night Yoga Chick wanted to go to the gym with me then she ended up hanging out with some mutual friends. I was too tired to do anything other than talk to my neighbors and sit around at home and talk to my roommate. I told her she could come over and we could hang for a bit, maybe I'd give her a short massage.

She came over and we ended up having a couple drinks, then she talked to me about how upset she was when she realized that I was hooking up with Maria. Even though I'd been really clear with her that I didn't want to start something I wasn't going to finish (when Yoga Chick had been all over me in my bed another night) and that she was attractive but that I didn't want to go there...she still was really hurt.

I apologized to her, told her that wasn't my intent. I realized my actions weren't congruent with what I was telling her. We ended the night on what I thought was a good note, she was ready to crash on the couch (better than in my bed) but for some stupid reason I told her she could sleep in my bed.

Now I'm tired as fuck. I'm destroyed for work. All I want to do is sleep.

I successfully fended her off last night but this morning she started grabbing my dick and then ninja'ed her mouth right onto it before I even fully realized what I'd allowed. Fuck! I was so tired and I let it happen. Then I stopped her eventually and was just like, "shit, I can't do this, seriously, I don't want make you cry again"

I started falling asleep and then we ended up fooling around some more. For christ's sake, this chick can suck my dick standing up over me in my bed while bending in half to get her mouth all the way down. Seriously, wtf!

I figured finally that I might as well fuck her at this point so I grabbed her off the bed, spun her around, deftly put a condom on, pulled down her short shorts, panties, and then just pounded her. Wouldn't know she was mid-thirties from her pussy...I had to really push to get in her, despite her being super wet. I was late for work so I just grabbed her really nice long hair and fucked her hard until we came together, then left her in the bed and got dressed for work.

I just want to crawl back in that bed right now...preferably with her gone so I can sleep 8 hours.

What have I done?

On a related note, Ayla has gone completely radio silent since I cancelled on our date that I had thought for sure I could make (things changed) and the 19 year old cancelled on tonight's bring the movies date as her new job gave her a shift, but she is free Sunday.

I just want sleep.

EDIT: Added texts from Yoga Chick post-sex:

<Yoga Chick> If I'm dying then... I know you are... 2 >.<

<AO> I'm dying. Tonight I swear I'm sleeping. Christ!

<Yoga Chick> I've never had an orgasm like that.

<Yoga Chick> More worth it?

<Yoga Chick> What no dancing tonight?

<AO> This knot in my neck is huge!

<AO> More worth what?

<Yoga Chick> So was the cock in me this morning...

<AO> And what do you mean with the orgasm? Bent over? Internally? Quickly? All of the above?

<Yoga Chick> E

<Yoga Chick> D I mean

<Yoga Chick> All of the above

<Yoga Chick> More worth not sleeping...

<Yoga Chick> I can rub it for you... Come back and take your pants off... I'll work my way up Wink

Have I unleashed a stage 5 clinger? I'm concerned.

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