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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
I'm just getting in now, still drunk and it's muggy as shit right now. Got another dry streak out of the way on the solstice in which the sun and the moon were both at their strongest. Is that he reason I got the bang? Not a fuking clue but I'll say a lot of luck got me this one.


Went to a shitty dive bar since they had a hip hop night. It was well known so I was hoping tourists would be there. It's fairy quiet and the crowd is a lot of ratchet white folks cranking their necks to Project Pat haha. Anyways. For what it is I run game on three broads, best lead had a boyfriend (of course...when in Toronto ...) and im trying not to clunk my head thinking its another one of "these types of nigts". She had some fat bitch for a friend whom would of been a smoke show if she was not a whale, her accent didn't help either bitch was annoying but It was easy to isolate her friend because of this. Shameless disregard to fatties and mocking them makes sure they leave you alone and she did for good chunks of the night.

This girl kept playing conflict with her mind because I knew she wanted it as she kept mauling my body but would not go over the deep end with kino/contact as I assume she knew it would be a one-way street. She was plain but cute and thin so I had no complaints but got annoyed my best prospect was a attached lady with head issues and a possible cold sore (yuuuuuuk). Some random whom was trying to chop her fat ass friend from London mentioned he had a after party literally down the street from the bar - Props to him for having his logistics in check. I convince these broads to check it out after we get food. As we walk down to the restaurant I run into a girl I got to school with and in typical fashion she is drunk out her mind with her top nearly falling off. She had a cute friend and mentioned she wanted to catch up. In my new this prospect is better then thin Tina with the cold sore so I bluntly ditch the two bitches from the bar and sit with the new girls.

We order food and what not. My school friend is crazy drunk dropping innuendoes out her ass detailing sex. I know this girl well enough that I know she is itching for some cock and I'm just cool with it all as her friend is part of this package, since I have no desire to bang my school friend since my homie hit and said she was kind of nutty. I suggest we party after this and she is down. She has a new condo full of booze so we all bounce there. She texts some random dude in her phone to roll through, in 10 mins some old Italian dude is in her crib creeping shit out. It's cool as its a distraction. I run pretty much aloof caveman game. Not much game just a lot of me escalating and then pushing her away and ignoring her.

I take her to the sun room which nicely acts as a 2nd bedroom. I get what she is thinking so now in my head it's only my chance now to fuck up. Prior to this point it was mad drinks of gin and rum, my stomach was spinning but I muscled through. She drops the line that she is Native and in my head I laugh. She looked EE to me to be honest but her dropping that naive line ensured me she was down to at the very least party hard and have a good time. I make her spill her drink on my pants (haha spill game) and then make her clean up the mess. I complain my pants are too wet and I need to take them off to dry off (haha!!) she was hesitant but cool with it. I do that then tell her to look at the stars I think some bullshit like that. She gets a good feel for my body and then I just maul her and she squeels in joy like a pig in shit. I put her hand on my junk and push her head down and she mauls my dick like a starving child. Keep in mind I was on 'no-fap' for close to two months and my balls were like a pressure cooker full of splooge. She does not care or listen when I try to tell her to ease up and keeps going like a jackhammer and I blast the most epic sized nut of my life down her throat. To the point she choked and gagged (hahaha!) she again squeels in bliss, if I'm reading this girl right she is a bonafide freak!

Yo this girl tries to kiss me after and I push her away and tell her to fuck off. Any dudes whom have dealt with native girls know they go from 0-rachet in seconds if you push the wrong button. I could see her face starting to boil and turn angry. I don't remember how I diffused it, I think I told her softly and firmly to clean herself up and fetch me another drink while kissing her on the cheek and it calmed her down. While she is doing this I sneak back on my jeans and grab a rubber from my backpack - It's going down in my head lord willing.

Now I think after a drink and a shot I felt good to go again in my head, enough time should have passed so I start mauling and finger banging her then grabbing her by the hair to get me going agian. Wow worst case of whisky dick once I slip on that rubber. Does not help it has that sensitive cream shit on it either, once I put it on my dick it basically goes dead. I start getting frustrated and so does she. So she rips off the rubber and we both just *shrug*.

I end up rawdogging this broad like a mad man and since it was my 2nd round I was beasting on her pussy. It felt great, I did not give a fuck and since we were in a sun deck I pressed her against the window like a boss. Wow. I nutted inside of her though, this is a first for me - and now I understand. Her biggest moan came when I blasted the Kosko army all inside of her - I get it now boys - and I'm surprised I denied my self such ruthless and great feelings all this time.

We end up back at her place and passes out, I iwanted to fuck her again but was to tierd. I see a copy of 50 SHADES OF GREY beside her bed and laugh. This girl is a closet freak and I change my tone on not wanting her number. I'm worried about that nutt I blasted in her, native girls love babies but we both bitched about how lazy native girls just have babies early in the night so not sure what that means. She literally lives down the street from me, knows a schoolmate of mine so in my head the male hamster spins that she could find me anyways if a little Kosko comes On-line. So yeah I got her number and she was persistent that I text her in 3hrs (ok?). Not sure if I want roll that dice. She was hot and especially for her age (33?), lives close by, and has easy prospects of being a submissive slut for me and my swinging lifestyles.

I'll take your guys words on it... Should I try to vanish? Or make this a haram prospect?


Lessons learned ?

Blasting a nut inside raw was on par with the best steak I've eaten, best beer I've drank. I understand it all and yes I did notice a specific different reaction from the girl when this nut in compared to a nut inside of a rubber. Why didn't I pull out? Well my whole sex carrer was based on nutting inside with a rubber on so I don't know how to pull out (haha!). I keep bringing it up so you can tell its bugging me but hey it is what it is.

Ohh remember that old Italian dude? Had zero game. My schoolmate would of fucked her doorman she was that horny. Dude left early and I can tell he didn't hit it. Hahaha!
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