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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 last night in NYC. We met online and had drinks last week. Solid 8.5, early 20s, very fit, tall around 5'8", with the strappy summer heels she was easily 6'ish. Legs go all the way up to here.

Wore a nice loose cotton dress that you can tell cost about 150x what it should. She more or less looks like:

[Image: tumblr_mpbrwwKi6O1qe8lnho1_500.jpg]

Banged her twice during the day, finished in her mouth first time since she was done well before me, cowgirl the 2nd. Started choking her while she was on top the first time and she really loved it and came pretty hard so I started talking dirty to her as well. Was planning to shoot on her face but she inhaled me.

Took a nap and then before dinner she started kissing my neck while I was waking up so right back to it. This time I was squeezing her neck with both hands since she loved it the first time and later smacking her ass also. Def choking her when I came inside her.

She wanted to go for bang #3 while I was trying to fall asleep when we got back to the room, I literally pushed her off me and told her I needed my beauty sleep.

So guess what happened first thing this morning? #3, quickly followed by 4 and finally #5 late this afternoon after a bagel sandwich. I left her in a puddle of wetness and barely made it to the elevator on my own two feet on my way home.

If you occasionally say 'No' to a girl who wants you, she will want you 10x more in the morning/later that day. They can't handle rejection at all....especially the pretty ones.
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