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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 daybang.

Just broke a girl's BDSM cherry, SWPL yoga chick from NYSC gym. Last convo she doubted that I would a) actually do it, and b) had the equipment. LOL, I got equipment in her favorite color even. Arrives at my place, I tell her to get in the bed and take her clothes off. Leave her panties on to start - heavy makeout session to warmup. Start with the O-ring leather collar. No problem at all she starts giggling, thinks I'm going to tie her down. Not today.

Next come the bondage wrist cuffs. I can tell she is already looking at me in a different light, and loving it. Takes a little while to get them cinched tightly. Hook her wrists to the collar while I get undressed. Get in bed to start and she immediately dives on me. Once I get totally hard I stop her, tell her she has to wait. Cuff her ankles together so now she can wriggle around but not much else. Spin her around so she can blow me some more. After about 5 more mins of her going down on me - which is slightly tricky for her with no hands - she is moaning and begging so loud I take pity on her and push her face down in the pillows and take her from the rear. After she comes, she is shaking like a horse post-gallop.

Unhook the wrist cuffs from her collar, pull them behind her and link them to the hogtie ring with crab hooks. Link up the ankles and she's officially hogtied for the first time in her life which I can tell has her very excited. And wet. Swing her around so her head is hanging off the edge of the bed so I can get full control and rhythm when throating her. This usually makes me come fast and hard but not today for some reason. I think it must be too much saliva. She licks my balls while I stroke a bit longer. I try a different angle but same issue.

Remove the hogtie, but link the ankles to the wrists. I love yoga teachers. She is now screaming my name with each thrust until I pull out and spray her tits, mouth and face. Dry myself off with her hair, before finally unhooking her. I say, 'Next time, we're definitely using the digital camera during this.' She smiles uncertainly.

SWPL girl has completely ruined my sheets. After showering, I tell her when she comes back she needs to replace them. And better be 500ct or higher, no JCP or Kohl's crap.
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