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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Things are starting to break loose for me-4 notches in the last two weeks

#12- Not real proud of this one but needed a slump buster. Got a message from a 55 year old on POF. Gave me her number and she called me right away when I texted her and invited me to come over the next night when she would be at a beach condo. Told her I would meet her a a restaurant but she said just come to the condo and pick me up. We went bar hopping Had a 4.7 face but I could tell she had been really cute when she was young. It's terrible what age does to women. Told me she had been the captain of her cheerleader squad in high school and had fucked pretty much the whole football team. Which was believable, she was still pretty wild acting. Went back to her condo and banged -body wasn't that bad. Pretty sure she's the oldest women I've ever fucked. Oh well.

#13 My first Craigslist girl, thanks to the CL thread here. Put a couple of ads up, after a week of sifting through spam, homos and fatties got a decent reply. Sent photos, looked ok, 42 years old. Started texting, which quickly turned into sexting. After a week I had a free day so I told her I would come to her town and get a hotel room. Said she could only meet me in the morning, so I suspected she was married. She admitted that she was eventually, and said her husband was much older, they weren't getting along, and she hadn't had sex in months. I kissed her right away when she came in the room and we were taking our clothes off within three minutes. Banged for an hour and she came four times. She wants to see me regularly and I think i will see her again-the sex was good.

#14 POF girl. Recently moved to the area after her divorce. 42 year old blonde with DD tits and a nice ass. Intelligent and has good taste-works in an arts job. I like her-we hit it off really well. First date went to some upscale bars and restaurants, ended up making out in my truck with me grabbing her tits and her pushing my hand off. Second date same thing, except this time she grabbed my hand and put it on her tits. Third date invited me over, made me excellent drinks and food and we banged. I'll date her.

#15 Went to one of my usual venues. Selection was thin, so I left and checked out a couple more places. When I came back, saw a ginger sitting at the bar with another girl. I love gingers. And after observing her for a few minutes, i could tell from her body language and interaction with the other girl that she was looking to be approached. Walked over and opened her and she welcomed it. Talked for a while then kissed a little. She was staying at a condo her family owned by herself. The other girl turned out to be a friend of her brother, who had given her a ride to the bar. At some point the other girl left and she asked me if I could give her a ride home. We got there and she invited me in. Within five minutes she was straddling me on the couch, asking if I had a condom. Had one of those thick bodies that isn't chubby, just thick, with big tits and a nice ass. Classic ginger look with freckles all over and pink pearly nipples and pinkish outer pussy lips. Love that look. Said she was separated and hadn't had sex in months. Who knows if she was actually separated or still with the husband-married women like to say they're separated when they are not. At any rate, third married woman I've banged this year. Don't know her last name and we didn't exchange numbers-typical tourist bang. Third cold approach SNL of the year

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08-09-2013 04:04 PM
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