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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
3rd Taiwanese Girl in two weeks.

Went out last night to Spark (located in the basement of Taipei 101). I thought I'd go out to a high-end club to avoid the usual sausage hoard; but it was COMPLETELY packed. I couldn't move. No room to dance, no room to talk to anyone and it was too loud everywhere.

I look at my phone and its 3am. The only place left with a chance of picking up is of course 'Roxy99', the infamous dive bar.

I turn up there in a white shirt, tie and shirt braces; so was looking like a zebra amongst horses. I make some approaches, and at one point get approached by a short Taiwanese woman with short hair (4/10, would never bang ever).

Her: "Hey, you look cute, how old are you?"
Me: "22"
Her: "I'm 27"
Her: "So, are you interested?"
Me "No *smirk*"
Her: "Well I'm not interested either!!!! *storms off*"


I see a VERY slutty looking Taiwanese woman dancing. She's a 7.5, and looks half-Russian or something. I approach, and we start dancing together and it's obvious where it's going. She's 29, so I lie about my age and say I'm 27. We dance for about an hour. At one point, she goes to the bathroom and a different girl to earlier (a 7, with long hair and maybe my age) comes over and GRABS me, saying "come here!". I reject her as I know it's better to go home with the 'sure thing' not 'the maybe' (saw it on Roosh's blog and have found this to be spot on with experience). However, this makes me realise that I should dress like this at Roxy99 more often. The slutty woman comes back and we continue dancing.

Eventually, we leave to get breakfast together. She asks me what I want her to order (I can't speak Mandarin). "Anything with two eggs". She comes back with literally two fried eggs on a plate "Errr... thanks".

We come back to my apartment and quickly get to the bedroom. My air conditioning unit decides to cockblock me by not working and making a sound as loud as a lawnmower all night. Despite this, I get the bang pretty easily.

She had big fake breasts, so her body was good for a Taiwanese girl. I didn't see the infamous 'landing strip' chest this time. In addition, she was really kinky, so it's a welcome change from banging a submissive plank of wood. Plus I have a real thing for Asian girls who wear RED lipstick.

After banging, we try and get sleep in a 31 degree room with no aircon working :/. I wake up HUNG OVER. (I'm trying to eat a pizza now but I keep throwing up). She gives me a blowjob and then asks me to give her oral. I refuse and she has a mini-strop. Being this hung over, I would have probably thrown up inside her. In fact, I hate giving oral at the best of times. So much so, I've only ever given it out to my first girlfriend when I was 16. (and this ended with me throwing up into a plastic stationery wallet, running downstairs and handing it to her father before I could even reach the trash can).

I was so hung over that I just wanted her gone. She goes for a smoke two times on my balcony, and just sits there listening to eighties classics on her phone. Eventually, after some coaxing, we leave, and I walk her to the MRT station.

When we get there, she tells me that she has a boyfriend and he's on holiday in England for two weeks. Haha, poor blue-pill bastard.

My first 'has-a-boyfriend' bang Big Grin
08-11-2013 05:37 AM
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