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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
New notch. Cute redhead I met 2 months ago. I picked her out at a party, and decided to run my asshole game (aloof game?) hard on her, and her only as an experiment. We were playing drinking games, and I was razing her pretty hard the entire night. I couldn't get her alone all night, so I couldn't get her number. However, my buddy knew one of her friends, and hooked me up with the number the weekend before last.

I kept up my original image of being very sarcastic over texts, and met up with her last night. Referred to Tuth's First Date Recipe before, but had to improvise as I was in her town, and only had her place to close at.

Started at one pub, then went to a nearby bar that had two dollar tequila shots and a pool table. You all know where this is leading.

After that, it was just a matter of time.

Some things I noticed. By being a bit of a dick and pretty cocky, I had her following me around all night at the party. People want what they can't have, right?

Also, if you're pretty sarcastic, you'll always have them guessing. Then if you ever do lay a meaningful compliment down, it'll be a big deal to them.

As I was leaving this girl's place I also remembered that it is almost a year to the day that my pathetic former beta self got dumped by my psycho ex, which initiated the whole up and down process of discovering the man I could be, and the man I am. It put a smile on my face when I thought of how far I have come since that day.

And lastly: Walked to the bus this morning from her place listening to the Black Philip Show, which I thought was pretty ironic.

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