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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
27 year-old Taiwanese girl. 7/10. Unusually big boobs for an Asian (but not fake).

I went out to Luxy (a reasonably high-end club). It was full of foreigners from all over the world. Approached two Japanese girls on multiple occasions and tried to work on getting that flag. No joy.

Then I went over to the side of the dancefloor and started dancing. Some Taiwanese-American comes up to me, bumps into me and I grab her in my arms after about ten seconds of interaction. She tells me she's from New York. She flips back my shirt suspenders and I jokingly give her the finger. Then I go to kiss her, but she pulls away, saying "No" and wags her finger as if to say "You'll have to try harder than that". Then she goes up to some random guy and starts making out with him. Ah well, her loss.

I leave Luxy at 2am and go to Roxy99. This is the big dive bar in the city. The ratio is horrible, but I'm dressed ridiculously smart so I stand out. I talk to some Danish guy about music for twenty minutes then his female friend comes over and says 'Hi'. He goes for a piss then I talk to her. She tells me I'm handsome and that she saw me in Luxy two weeks ago (in addition to another place before that). She said she tried to walk past me to get my attention but I didn't see her haha.

After about ten minutes of talking, I tell her I'm going for a walk and she should come (I stole that idea from someone on here, thanks). I take her to the classy institution that is McDonalds, then we get a taxi to mine and the obvious ensues.

I'm worried I'm going to get a complaint from my downstairs neighbour after that screaming Confused.

Also, damn I hate using Taiwanese condoms, they're too tight (and I'm not claiming to be particularly well-endowed). Broke one of them when I tried to slide it down. Although admittedly it's probably more likely that I was too drunk and horny to put the damn thing on carefully Big Grin

Also, this is the first time I can recount that I'e been up early enough to enjoy Taiwanese breakfast on a Saturday. The hamburger was nearly as good as the orgasm.
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