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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Guess Il start with my first post in here.

+2 new notches for this week .

First was a 6.5/10. 20 y/o blonde hair, full figure but not chubby. pretty cute and kind of emo/gothy style.
Met her in a club a few weeks ago , been chatting back and forth on text. Been to " hang out" with her twice before but each time her friend some how managed to turn up unannounced or would be around so never managed the bang on those occasions. Last time told her to come round alone. She gets in, chooses to put on spiderman (weird one I know). Luckily my flatmate is home and playing GTA in the living room which is pre-planned, gived me the excuse that they will have to come through to my bedroom from the get go. anyway easy enough. make the move, 10 minutes into the movie and shes naked telling me how much she wants it.
Pretty unresponsive lay but was good enough to fill a mid week gap. dont think she has much experience. Will probably see her again.

Number 2

Also blonde, 5'7, Great figure, huge tits, tight ass, face probably a little lacking for my standards though. 6/10
Girl ive know for years. Never really knew there was any interest in me from her side but she started talking recently after 2ish years with no contact. I was out in a club most of the night with the guys. far too drunk, as we had agreed we wernt sticking to a drinking limit on this particular night. She texts and asks if she can meet me after the club is done since she is at one down the road, I oblige and meet her. Greet her with a proper kiss and tell her shes coming back to mine and that she has to bring her friend for my flat mate. Get them into the flat, 1 quick drink then we seperate them. I go for a sloppy bang in the bedroom and my flatmate gets a handjob on the couch from the not so good looking friend.

Aiming to ramp it up for the weekend and go for +2 tonight to make up for having too bad a hangover to move on anything on friday.
10-12-2013 12:52 PM
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