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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 - 18 y/o, 4’11” Cambodian. 7/10. Tiny body = tiny snatch = good times.

Employed “seeking arrangement” game on this girl from Blendr/Badoo.

The message exchange is worth seeing, if not at least for a laugh or two…

Me: Hi xxx – how are you? How long have you lived in xxx for? (being Asian, I figured she was new to the city)

Her: ummm. Not interested….

Me: Ummm, you don’t actually have to reply to tell me that. You simply ignore the message.

Her: have a nice day.

Me: I will.

Her: I’m a bit young for you.

Me: You’re right – I’d probably be way too much for you to handle.

Her: okay then, lol.

Me: Oh, you wouldn’t be laughing, hehe.

Her: I said lol. Aha umm.

Me: Ok. Are you in high school/Uni or are you working?

….boring exchange about work etc…

Me: How about you shoot me your number and I’ll take you out somewhere nice.

Her: Sorry but no, I just think I’m too young for you, sorry.

Me: I think you’re pretty mature for 18, and it’s quite normal for older guys to date younger girls…and don’t forget , with age comes experience.

Her: I know, but 10 years (I’m actually 17 years older than her, but put 28 as my age) is a bit big for me, sorry and I’m not looking for a boyfriend. I just got dumped.

Me: I’m not looking for a girlfriend either – it could just be a bit of fun, no pressure.

Her: nah, I’m sorry. It’s just your age that is intimidating me, and also the fact that I got dumped not even 2 weeks ago.

Me: I’m sure you’d change your mind about it all if you met me in person – but I respect what you’re saying. Take care. (At this point, I assume our message exchange is over)

Her: Sorry, I hope you find a decent girl.

…Here’s where I fish for the SA angle, starting with non-monetary terms…

Me: I’m not really looking for that – just someone I can spoil and give my attention to, have some laughs and a good time with.

Her: Yeah, well I don’t think I’m that girl, sorry (she says sorry a lot doesn’t she)

Me: Would you prefer a weekly allowance, say $xxx per week? I wouldn’t expect much in return, an occasional meal cooked for me, some cleaning and of course company.

Her: What? Are you serious?

Me: There would probably need to be a trial period first, just until I get comfortable with you and you with me, but I think it would work well.

Her: You’re gonna pay me to do this? What is this exactly?

Me: I covered that before – to spend time with me. It works out for both of us.

Her: No seriously like I don’t want any sex or kissing involved if that’s what you’re asking for.

Me: I’d be paying you for company and to cook/clean on occasion. If I think there’s chemistry there, then we’ll be having sex, but I’ll be a gentleman about it of course. That’s what I’m offering.

Her: I’m not a good cook though, just sayin’ aha.

Me: That’s ok – I can teach you some things. What’s your number?

Her: Idk if this is a good idea. Like I do need the money, but idk.

…negotiate night to meet - she flakes on the day, but we make plans for the following week. She texts me on the day asking if it’s still going ahead. I retract my ‘arrangement’ (I was never going to give her money, but thought if I didn’t she may do something nasty and cry rape or something) and say I’d be happy to meet just to hang out though. She agrees, but makes it clear definitely no sex…

We meet at a Thai restaurant. I’m happy paying for dinner and drinks as it’s rather cheap. During dinner she keeps on mentioning that she’s a great match maker and can set me up with some of her Asian friends. I respectfully decline, saying I don’t have a problem attracting women (DHV).

She asks me what I’m doing after dinner. I tell her I’ll be heading out (implying that I’m going out to pick up). She says she’ll probably go clubbing with a friend.

At this point, I’m actually thinking I don’t have a chance whatsoever, not that I’m overly concerned.

We finish dinner, and I throw out the line “would you like to see one of the greatest views of the city?”. She bites, we go back to my apartment, I take her out to the balcony, go for the kiss within 5 minutes, she keeps on saying she is ‘intimidated’ by the age gap, but I keep plowing.

I pretty much push her in the direction of my bedroom, sit her down, and tell her to take her shoes off. LMR for the next 30 minutes….then, out of nowhere, she says “you really want to have sex with me don’t you?”, to which I say yes. She then says “if you give me $20 so I can go clubbing, I’ll have sex with you”. I nearly laugh out loud, but nonchalantly say, "yeah, ok”.

Yes, technically I paid to have sex, but c’mon - $20 isn’t really on the radar in the scheme of things, considering that could have easily been spent on an extra dish at dinner, or whatever. That’s my rationale and I’m sticking to it!

So, back to the sex part. I’m kind of considering going in raw, but with no suggestion of a condom, I duly put one on (I later realise my instincts were right, as we finish fucking, she tells me I’m “number 17”, and that she has had a few threesomes with guys only in the past). We fuck twice, with a power nap in between, her friend calls who she meets at the club…after I hand over the $20 (not that she demanded it after, but I thought I’d stick to the ‘arrangement’).

I have to give credit to this forum for this outcome, as without the vast knowledge base and insights into the psychology of women, there is no way I would've been able to pull this off, nor even have known how to approach it.

In the past week, I've fucked a Thai chick, had the best blowjob of my life from a burlesque type curvy (in a good way) chick...sex will surely follow, have 2 dates lined up with recent Russian arrivals, and a couple more locals - all whilst maintaining my main FB of the last few months, who is a tight little Malaysian girl (14 years my junior) with the smoothest skin I've ever felt and the tastiest/tightest/wettest pussy I could hope for...and more to the point, is ok with me seeing other women!

Thank you RVF.

Thank you.
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