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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Another year getting a Halloween notch and first notch in my new crib.

Ditched a scenester party, and a friends party with a bunch of easy broads (at times) for a bar 5mins from my crib. Found some shitty pirate costume at the hardware store, it was meant for 4 years olds but I wore the hat and mask. The bar was half full and full of attention whores tho (hot halloween skanks whom just like to tease and take pictures). I hit on some Latina/Pinay broad and get friend, nice but not down. Latina broad had a man whom was thier but he wasn't saying shit or laying claim to his shit lol.

I seen some Latina broad dressed like Drake and I instantly opened her by saying she didn't look Jew enough or done shit. Lol it worked and then it just went good from there. Caveman the whole time and she was feeling it. I told her strait up I was rolling solo too, first time in a while I didn't dance around the subject. I thought she was persian and disses her saying persian girls got no asses baha. Rest of the night she was drilling her booty into my shit in the dance floor trying to overcompensate for that average rump. I kind of just tell her I'm bouncing home and she should join. Hesitant at first but I just told her to deal with her friends and report back. I had my cost in my have so she couldn't call my bluff. She ditches her friend and we roll back here. Niiiiice body and a flawless looking pussy. To much ratchet shit in this City it's good to come across a nice clean girl whom takes care of her shit. Evreything was good... Except... That she wouldn't suck dick. If anybody is familiar with my ordeals you know it's a near deal breaker for me. Being tierd as fuck from being up since 5am I could barly stay hard. Those sensi-condoms are shit too and numb my shit up. I did my dead but I wanted to doggy the broad and pull on her hair and shit. Whatever though a notch is a notch. She's cute and still has her accent, Venezuelan whom isn't a prissy rich one like most I meet here.

Right now as it stands I'm averaging a bang a month which is low of my goals of one a week, but close to my next goal of at least once every 2 weeks. I need to build a stable of FWB but it's difficult when I fuck up by not performing like I should. We will see if this broad will be a repeat.

Keep hunting!
11-01-2013 09:53 AM
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