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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+ 1 , Skinny Country Midwestern Gal who gave me her number this past weekend as she complimented me on my outfit and pocket square, I'm going to give the following credits

1. to Red pocket square to get the ball rolling.

2. to Slubu for teaching me to try to get as much as you can from a Girl. Keep pushing and see how far you can get with her, Goal is bang, if no Bang BJ, No BJ then HJ.

3. to mechanico for teaching me stealthy Cobra Game (details below)

texted the girl today, got response, set time for meet up, she says can she bring her friend ? I said yes as I had a friend who needed to get laid. I pick up the girls and straight to the Apt for pre-drinking before dinner, No resistance. We all did shots of tequila and started drinking beers The girl who gave me the number was the better looking one. My friend wanted to bang her, being the good friend that I am i gave him the green light but the girl wanted nothing to do with my friend and came to me and started kissing me. I motioned my friend and he got the other girl and started to give her the tour of the Apt.

Me and the better looking girl are on the couch kissing, I get to 2nd base, Ok, Open the jeans button , Ok , rubbing the clit Ok. She's rubbing my Dick Ok, I lower her pants and she says what if your friend comes back, I said don't worry I will yell not to enter the living room, get the condom that was strategically placed in in my jeans pocket and lower my jeans to put it on. So both our jeans are hanging at the knees I lift her legs and get down to business, get my notch and nut quickly , she moans and I said don't worry I will ride you longer the 2nd round.

Her friend comes in the living room the second we adjust our jeans, every thing happened so quickly ..........

We drank some more, Her friend wanted to go back home, I had my friend drop her , we went to the Hamburger Joint next door , came back and smashed again Banana My Friend got a BJ on the way home to dropping her friend tard It has been a good week for me, Hell yeah Smile taking a break tomorrow night on NYE ......

"You can not fake good kids" - Mike Pence
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