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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(12-30-2013 03:15 PM)slubu Wrote:  On Saturday another +1 followed, and although it is not me but rather my buddy’s, it’s a story worth telling. This Russian was involved so why it will be a part II instead of its own standalone story. More to come…

To follow up now on the previous story...

So as I mentioned the Russian +1 from the last story, we were hanging out quite a bit. On Saturday I invited her to come out with us and I knew my buddy was kind of upset because I wouldn't be gaming with him. But I told him let's just try it out, she can be a wingwoman and I would devote the whole night to just trying to get him laid. He reluctantly agreed.

We have a drink at home and head out. First bar we go to is just absolutely terrible. I'm talking fat chicks, ghetto girls, ugly women. We had already ordered a round of drinks so we decided to just wait that out. Funny enough my Russian girl who said she doesn't like to drink downed it like a fish.

Standing at the bar my buddy taps me and says look at this girl next to him. Now people throw out the word 10 here and there, but she was flat out as close to a 10 as I have ever seen. I spent the entire summer in Eastern Europe and she would be at the top. No joke, 6'4 with high ass heels on, flawless face, skinny body and big natural tits. I couldn't stop staring at her, it was like art.

My buddy mind you is 5'9. Anyway, my Russian says that girl is Russian. I say how do you know, she says watch and starts chatting her up in Russian. Yup, Russian model. They chat back and forth and we introduce her to my friend, who starts talking to her.

Everyone starts hitting it off. She is there alone and only walked in to the bar "because a black man was following me and I was scared." Of course she is in town for a modeling shoot, and wanted to just go out and have some fun. My buddy initially determined he had no chance because of her beauty and height. But then she complimented him on his build and asked if he was a fireman (he's somewhat muscular for his size).

The Russians are best friends now and I can see the look on my buddy's face, he goes from 0% chance to maybe there actually is a shot here. I know how badly he wants it (wouldn't we all?), so I tell him let me work on it and we will get her back somehow.

Conversation turns to coke, and she says she wants some badly. My buddy sees this as an opportunity to bring her back, so we try to find some party favors. Pretty much called everyone I know to no avail. I was outside in the cold texting and calling, making up cover stories as to why I need some drugs to random family members, nothing. Oh well.

We convince her to bounce to another bar, and first my buddy suggests one that is known for picking up which I shoot down, I tell him why would you take her somewhere with a ton of hungry guys. I suggest another bar with a harder door.

We get there, see the bouncer turn away a few mixed groups. We walk up and with these two Russians, one of which is just ridiculous, we walk in. Have a round of drinks there and I suggest champagne and cigs on my rooftop. Girls bite (well his girl only needed to bite) and we go.

Do that whole routine, seems like its on. Then the model asks how to get a taxi to go home. Shit. But my girl interjects and just tells her she can stay here to which she agrees. She asks for clothes which my buddy gives her, and the girls go in the shower to do their Russian pre-sex prep.

While they are in there I see my buddy is nervous. I can relate, when you sense or know something amazing is going to happen there is a lot of pressure. That happened to me with the foursome (story here). I give my buddy half a cialis pill just in case and tell him to chew the shit out of it so it absorbs faster.

They come out and I grab my girl and go into my room, leaving them two out there. This was the night she started randomly roleplaying as I wrote about above.

Wake up in the morning to his confirming the bang and thanking me for helping out and orchestrating the whole thing. I look at the model in the morning and she is still stunning. In this bizarro world, the model is thanking him so much for letting him stay and for the sex. We take the girls to brunch and my girl and I just start laughing watching them walking together as she towers over him. It looked like that scene from benjamin button where the girl was holding the baby's hand.

We spent some time thinking about how this all went down to try and recreate it to more often involve girls of this quality. But a bunch of things went right for the bang to happen: she was visiting town, her walking in randomly to a shitty bar, the shitty bar didn't have baller guys to provide her with coke, my girl being there and both of them being Russian, the initial attempt keeping the string alive for coke, and so on.

So no real conclusion reached, other than seizing an amazing opportunity. 6s and 7s, even 8s come and go, but rarely do I see much less interact with (or for my buddy's sake bang) a girl of this quality. Must be a way to get more of these girls into our lives.
01-01-2014 07:55 PM
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