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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Chiming back in with one of my story worthy bangs

I pulled a robbery last night at a bar.
Initially started talking to these three southern belles that were clearly lost...This is a kinda hipster bar. These girls looked like they were just as a country christmas party.

At some point I took one of the girls scarfs and wore it.
A group of people came in 3 girls 2 guys. They clearly came together but weren't in a relationship.
All having fun..drinking left over champagne from new years...on their way to drunkness.
I come back from the bathroom and these people are taking selfies and whatnot in the bar...and the girl is half sitting on my stool.

I sit right back on my stool and tell her..not only did she steal my seat..but her self shot photos looked like shit.
I played pure asshole game and it worked. I got her number...we took a picture and I went back to my original group.
The guys are sitting around staring at me like i did something horrible.
I look back at him like " if its your girl...put her in check"
They do nothing..

A while later she bumps into me..and I grab her..asshole game leads to kiss. The dude walks over and tries to be friendly with me.. but he's kinda just standing while ive got my hands around this girls waist.
Damn she had some curve on her...and knew how to use her tongue well..
soon we my bounce to another bar..which was just a way to get the girl away from the dudes..we hightail back to my friends apartment. 5 minute jog...i strip this girls close off and the fattest white girl ass ever pops out.
I smash on a pullout couchbed...for a good 30 minutes..before she calls one of the guy friends

he drives over around 330am..and picks her up.

Im sure he's pretty salty that some random guy banged his friend and then made me pick her up.
Shes probably still got my cum in the small of her back
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