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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Went to Barnes & Noble after the mall closed.

There's two cute chicks at the checkout line picking up a book behind the counter. They both have American Psycho in their hands. My favorite movie! I start talking to them about it. I knew they were freaks because what kind of chick reads American Pyscho!?? And that was just the tip of the iceberg what these bitches were into!

We hang out at the bookstore for about 15 minutes while we hunt one of the other books this girl wants to buy. I ask them if they had plans for later on in the night (it's 9PM). They go no so I invite them to a bar right near my apartment. They excitedly say yes.

Now I have logistical difficulties: two girls (one is married) but the other is dtf. DTF's friend seems excited that she's helping to get her friend laid so this is a good thing, but still there are challenges isolating DTF because it gets awkward for her friend. Luckily we run into a guy I know at the bar and I have him wing me for a little bit but his game is pathetic. So I invite the two girls to smoke a bowl back at my place without the guy. While we close out the tab, DTF's friend runs into a male friend who she used to work with. He wants to smoke. This is good because he can keep the friend company while I game DTF.

We go back to my place, I put on Sublime, we smoke a few bowls have a few glasses of wine and shoot the shit. The married girl looks at my book collection and sees the I Ching which is a chinese fortune telling/advice book. She wants me to run I Ching game on her so I do. I ask her to think of a question that's been on her mind recently. She blurts out, "Should I stay married or not?" WHAT??? She thinks her husband is an asshole but her parents would kill her if she got a divorce. Married girl is cuter than DTF but as they say a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Anyway, I end up inviting DTF for a "tour" of my 600 sq ft one-bedroom apt. She graciously accepts my invitation. I show her the bedroom, pick her up and throw her on the bed. After not even 2 minutes of kissing she goes, "do you have a condom?" It's on like kong! So I get a condom but it was dried out so I raw dog her. It was funny because when I tried taking her pants off she goes, "No! The pants have to stay on! They are too hard to get on when I take them off. Put them around my ankles!" First time I ever heard this one. I was happy to oblige. I enjoyed watching her become so docile and like a submissive ragdoll after I fucked her. It was fun while the other two were in the living room and she's moaning like a bitch in heat next door in the bedroom.
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