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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(01-09-2014 02:19 AM)Tuthmosis Wrote:  
(01-06-2014 05:19 PM)Rotisserie Wrote:  Her insanely fat cat was on the bed while we banged.

It's usually bad news if even the cat is fat.

EDIT: I wonder if the cat is so accustomed to seeing her get banged by strange men, that he's not even frightened away by the proceedings. He's just like, "Fuck it. Here she goes."

[Image: b7X4w.gif]

I used to bang a stripper who had a cat. It wasn't fat but i hated the fucker. Always used to jump on the bed when we were fucking and put me off my stride.. plus it used to scratch you when you tried to pick it up off the bed or sofa. Her perfect round fake tits used to have claw marks on most of the time so it wasn't just me..
It was an insult to perfect boobage.
I always wondered what clients thought when she danced with scratches on her tits..?

+1 last night. My year can only go downhill from here. Polish 35 year old, oldest girl i've ever fucked but she looks 25 and her body is literally insane. Exactly my type. It's almost as good as said stripper above in fact and exactly the same type, tiny with very big very round fake balloons. Just no cat damage.
Not usually into older women but she was another level.
Met online - Was hard work though, shit test after shit test about how young i look and that she doesn't 'do babies' (i look 25+ all day long and am actually older than that)... told her to go fuck herself with her rabbit if she didn't want the cock. 2 days later i get a text saying she would love to take me for a drink. She turns up in a short dress, very classy with amazing legs on show. I'd already seen pics of her naked so i knew she was smoking body wise, but still hadn't seen the face. Face was average (typical butterface Polish - slim, sexy and toned but less good face!) like a 6, but the body is 9.5 for me.. and her tits were covered up but you could tell they were dying to burst out..

Few drinks, straight to mine, she goes to bathroom, comes out wearing this:
[Image: img846.jpg]
(taken this morning - cropped each end for obvious reasons)
She's been repeatedly telling me she always take charge and i'd been repeatedly challenging her that that wouldn't happen with me. Secretly i think she wanted to be dominated for once, so i just tore her up. She said she didn't like to be fucked rough, we fucked rough. She said she didn't do anal, we did anal. She always used condoms, we barebacked.
Haven't heard from her since i walked her to the tube a few hours ago.

Bizarrely she seemed pissed off at me as we parted company, and not in the 'i can't believe you did that to me but i loved it way'...? It was probably the anal.
Oh well. She'll either be back by the weekend or i'll never see her again.. meh

Edit: i'm starting to think this girl may be a stripper. Only just put two and two together after mentioning the stripper ex in my post. She told me she managed peoples money for a job and i wasn't interested so i didn't press. But she's always been very coy about what she's up to, and has been texting me late at night quite a few times (like 3am). Hmm. Maybe breaking her ass is why she's pissed at me. Probably can't work tonight ;p
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