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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(02-19-2014 12:15 AM)gringochileno Wrote:  
(02-18-2014 11:53 AM)Lothario Wrote:  When opening her jeans button she said ....... Ummm, I'm on last days of my period. Shit test deflected just beacuse I am a diligent reader the forum and reatined it to use it as " I sure don't need a visual on that " might have been a californication line or from a blog post from Roosh. Jeans came off no resistance from that point on ......

After hearing the "I'm on my period" line (and it's close cousin "I haven't shaved in a while") dozens of times, I've become convinced that the optimal response is a simple "I don't care." By the time a girl is voicing that objection, you are 99% of the way there and the best move is to just shrug your shoulders and plow ahead like she didn't even say it. Every single time I've used complete indifference against either of these lines, the bang happened within seconds with absolutely zero resistance.

I'm glad that worked out for you, but I suspect you didn't even need any kind of cocky-funny shit at that point. Once you're close enough to getting the bang that the girl is openly talking about the state of her vagina, it's more than enough to simply make it clear that you don't give a shit and proceed to smash.

^^^ Agree 100 % , I have used "I don't care if you don't care" before and it worked , later I was thinking to just reduce it to " I don't care"

What do you guys think , Girls sometime use period as a bullshit excuse/shit test that they can not have sex when they are not even mentruating ?

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