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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Another epic weekend in poosy paradise, a.k.a college. Had a chill night with the boys Thursday, with friday and saturday involving 2 fresh notches. This marks my 11th notch of 2014, and I've only been back at school for about 4 weeks. I think it may be time to slow down and start focusing on my harem…

Friday nights notch was 1 of my most epic yet, simply because I ran extremely confident, aggressive, street game, and threw in a trick I learned from Bang a while back.
So I went out to a club in downtown Boston with a couple of my friends. It must have been 80% guys there, and I really wasn't in the mood to stick it out and approach pretentious European girls, or cliquey Persian chicks that often frequent the Boston club-scene.

So I dipped pretty quickly, and headed back to an area right between freshman campus and where all the fraternity/off-campus kids live. Tons of cute girls walking around, looking for parties, or leaving houses that just got broken up by the overly-strict Boston police…This is going to be too easy. I see a girl walking alone, with a Trader Joe's shopping bag in hand. Doesn't look like she's coming from a party, but she's walking alone, so I go holler.

I tease her about grocery shopping on a friday night, and tell her I can't believe she walked all the way from Trader Joe's to campus. She tells me it's clothes in the bag, and that she was leaving a friends. I transition into comfort chat, talk about where she live/what she studies blah blah blah while walking in the direction of her crib. Then I tell her she's cute, I'm glad I ran into her…start making out. We get to her place and she tells me I can't come hangout, I'm a stranger.

…(Bang) - "Shit, I understand, but I really have to pee. I got written up last weekend by the cops for pissing outside…can I quickly use your bathroom, I don't want to risk getting caught."
Once inside, I piss, come out, we start making out, put her hand on my cock, she tells me I have a 'good cock'. Well, thanks. I push it a little too far, whipping my cock out and trying to pull her to the couch. She says no, she can't, lemme walk you out. I don't want to do anything she's uncomfortable with, so I painfully oblige, and make my last stand in the lobby (or foyer?) of her house.

Start making out with her goodbye. It gets hot, and she's getting really horny. Start fingering her right in front of her front door…she stops telling me I should leave. She's changed her mind. Then I tell her,

"I'm gonna bend you over and fuck you. You wanted to fuck me from the second I approached you tonight. Turn around."

^ She pulls down her pants, grabs on to her radiator, and we proceed to go at it (not sure why we couldn't just bang in her room, but hey, it felt pretty cool…saw people walking by outside and got worried a few times that her roommates might walk in through the front door we were positioned behind):

[Image: photo1-1.jpg]

Saturday night: I pull back 2 sexy persian girls from the street with my boy. I get 1 in my room making out with me, not sure if she's down to fuck, but her friend cock-blocks and keeps texting my girls asking to leave. My homies cool so I don't know why she's being such a bitch. They leave.

I need to get laid, so I call up this girl whose umm, quite promiscuous, to say they least. We've been talking for a while, and so she agrees to meet me near my place. We smoke a cig together, walk back, and get to it. I ask her to 3some with my boy who was sleeping on my couch, but she refuses. I know the feeling when your boy gets laid, and you want in on the action. Unfortunately we couldn't take her to Paris, but I got my nut, then politely walked her downstairs and gave her a kiss goodnight:

[Image: photo-1.jpg]
02-23-2014 07:06 PM
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