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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Ok, this was a "diferent" night for me. Short history: a few weeks ago in a high school reunion i re-meet a guy i used to hang out with, and he introduce me to his dominican girlfriend. In that moment i could swear that she was a night worker, it was her aura, but i did not say anything. Fastfoward to yesterday, i did not have any plans, and it was chilly, and i was going to stay home when i get a call from this guy, telling me to join him and his GF in a bar in Constitucion (for those who do not know BA, that is a bad neighborhood, specially at night), he told me that he could arrange one of his GF frineds to be there, i was a little adventorous, so i went. It was a dominican bar, the kind of place where if you are not dominican, you stand out like a flare in the middle of the night. The friend was okish, a 7, 22 years old acording to her. It was weird, she had this "night worker" aura, but acted very naive, and was really fascinated with my tales about my euro trips. Before 1 am we were making out, and then she tell me to went to my apartment (alarms there, i did not trust this girl). I give her an excuse, so she told me to go to her pension a few blocks away. Shit, the place was scary, and she lived in a very small (and dirty) room, but she was very horny, and her body was a 9 at least (i love suculent natural big boobs). We fuck, and in the first hours of the morning i bail out from there.

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