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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Had another dual-notch weekend in the land of college pussy, Boston. Nightlife in the Bean might not be that great…in fact it pales in comparison to what I experience when I'm home in New York.

However the 1 thing that makes up for it is the huge amount of 18-22 year old girls that reside here. As a young college cat, I can't complain.

Friday Night's Bang

It's pouring rain, but me and my roommate decide to go bar hopping. It's shitty out so I don't suit up or throw on a blazer. I throw on a hoody to protect my head from the rain, and a cool coat with elbow padding (kind of looks like a blazer) that I scooped up in London last summer.

As soon as we're outside I start spitting at girls. It actuality takes us 10 minutes just to leave our building because I had to stop 3 girls in the lobby. Outside my boy starts getting annoyed and begins bitching at me. He didn't go out to spit at girls in the street, he wants to be inside sipping on a drink in an environment where it's 'not creepy to hit on girls.'

^ Some guys will never understand when I explain to them that chasing down girls in the street is not only not creepy, but it's allowed me to secure some of my favorite notches.

Whatever, we get to the bar and there's a long line outside. I hop behind 3 girls, 2 of which are cute, and start teasing them for taking selfies. I make the ugly 1 take a picture of me with the girls, and then introduce them to my friend. I throw my arm over the cute shorter one, and tell her this place has really strict bouncers - 'I know you're only 17 (she's 22) so you gotta pretend your my girl, and we'll get in just fine.'

She starts playing the role and we begin flirting hard. I make sure she's reciprocating the strength of my hug, and tell her to act more seriously if she wants me to take her seriously as a girlfriend…in my head, I already know this is a wrap. The only question is how much time will I have to put in before she's ready to come back. A.K.A. is my game tight about to build enough comfort in 30 mins? an hour?

An hour later she's ready to dip. Inside, I had built a little bit of comfort by bringing her to different parts of the bar, the dance floor, and then sitting down with her at a little table at the back of the bar to make-out and get closer. I even dropped some shit about my family so as not to give off the vibe that I'm just a player - I'm a good dude too.

Back at the crib, I sign her into my dorm. I look down at her last name that she had written, and something goes off in my head. Damn, that name looks familiar! I grab my phone, look up her name, and sure enough, I had added her into my contacts last school year. Her contact name in my phone was stored as Ali [last name] Liberty Hotel DTF.

I'm laughing about this, and she gets super embarrassed (I delete the DTF part before I show her my phone). Apparently she didn't respond to my text asking her if she wanted to hangout later in the week. Oh well, guess this was fate?

We get upstairs and she provides me with a solid hour and half of heavy LMR. She's jerking me off and dry humping the crap out of me, but she just refuses to let me unbutton her pants. I escalate, she moans with pleasure, then tells me to stop and pulls my hand away from her pants. I stop, and then restart. Over and over again this happens. I can't give in now though. I know she wants it, but she's playing games.

I take a 5 minute break and chat with her about some boring crap, pretending like I'm no longer interested in banging her. I know however, that I need to caveman the shit out of her and overwhelm her with dominance in order to get in those pants…So I start making out with her intensely, putting more aggression into the foreplay than I normally do. I tell myself to act like this is the last time I might ever fuck.

I lift her off my bed and basically rip her pants off - both jeans and panties come off at the same time. This time, not a word of protest from her.

We bang for hours. Fucked her on my desk, told her to stop banging her head against my laptop:

[Image: photo1-2.jpg]

Saturday Night's Bang

I actually went out with forum member Frenchie. It was pouring rain again, so he was nice enough to scoop me in his car. We drove to a small hipster dive bar, warmed up on some cuties and then dipped to a bigger college bar down the block.

We talked to a couple groups of chicks and then I kinda isolated myself with one girl. She was pretty and very sweet, def not a ons kind of girl…at least I wasn't getting those vibes. Frenchie dipped a little early and I left soon after as I didn't feel like putting in anymore work. 3 phone calls later, and I have a chick that agrees to meet up. She's a friend of a girl my roommate hooks up with, so I had known she was interested for a while.

Funny thing is she tells me that, 'It'd be weird if we hung out at your place. But you can come here, my roommates gone for the weekend.' Fine by me. She's a short Mexican girl, a little on the thick side to be honest, but nice tits and a big round ass. She also had thick long hair down to her butt, which I found pretty attractive.

As soon as I got there, it was on:

[Image: photo2.jpg]

^ This one was somewhat meaningful to me because it marks my 50th lifetime notch. I'm now halfway to achieving my ego-driven goal of 100 lays.
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