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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Recent lifestyle change so it’s slump busting quantity over quality time. March was a fun month. More to come.

+1 6 blonde athletic lawyer from Tinder. First day of March. Met 4 days prior on Tinder. Usual Tinder text game ensues, some banter back and forth then go for the number close to set up a meeting. Tell her we’re going hiking and turn it into a game where the loser buys the beers. I lose she buys the beer, heads I wins tails you lose girl haha. Bounce to a local brewery and stay there drinking for a few hours. She says she has somewhere to be and I tell he ok let’s do this another time then and she conveniently forgets and loses track of time. One thing I’ve noticed is that girls will reprioritize shit to hang out with you if they’re having fun. She says let’s go pick her friend up and go out to a club, I oblige and say first I have to take a shower and change clothes. Her place is right around the corner, logistics couldn’t be easier. Get back to her place and I say let’s jump in the shower, she says we’re not having sex. I laugh and say “jeez I’m not a piece of meat.” She washes me in the shower, no fuck yet but I like when girls do shit like washing me. Go pickup her friend, long drive to the club, traffic sucks ass. Her friend is a tall 7.5 with a propensity for doing the splits while dancing. Get to the club, I’m doing my typical dancing and what not. German fag gets close and starts some shit, I give him the stinky leg. Everybody within earshot is laughing their ass off. He went away quietly. When I’m at a club with girls I don’t normally stay close to the group unless I’m gaming a chick, I wander around taking to people, dancing, having fun. Time to leave, I come back from bathroom and the lawyer and the splits girl are leaving, the lawyer is wandering around looking confused. I come up behind her and grab her ass, she punches my arm and says that she thought I left with another girl. I was sure that I had put in enough game with this girl that I could float around the club, let her see me talking to other girls, dancing with other girls and increase the attraction. It worked, but I’ve had this backfire on me before. Walking out of the club the 7.5 is walking with some dude that doesn’t say a word. I cold read him and I’m thinking either he’s pulling a caveman or he’s lost. Valet pulls the car up, lawyer gets in driver seat, I get in passenger seat, 7.5 gets in the back seat and the dude she was with tries to get in the car and she shuts the door on him without so much as a goodbye. My instinct tells me “go for the bang, bang both of them you fucker.” Get back to her place, my drunk ass carries her up two flights of stairs with her straddling me and kissing me and throw her on the bed. Get naked and make her cum, I’m tired and drunk so I go to sleep. I’ve done this before and it drives girls crazy but makes for better sex in the morning rather than drunk sex. Guess what I wake up to in the morning? Her dripping wet pussy. I proceed to pound it to the pavement, make her orgasm a few more times, flip her over, fuck her from the back, biting her ear, kissing her, and she’s literally trembling. Shaking. Moaning loudly. I’ve read a lot of guys on this forum fuck the shit outta girls and don’t care about giving them orgasms and shit but it really turns me on when I have a girl shaking and trembling, having a phenomenal sexual experience. She flips over, I stick my dick back in, while I’m going at it she grabs my face with both hands and enthusiastically asks me “Who are you?” in a sort of like how do you know this stuff kind of way. She has a closet with mirrors on it and it provides for a nice view while I’m fucking her. Bang it out a few hours then tell her I have to go. She texts me later saying her vagina is sore and that she never experienced orgasms like that. She’s on the bottom of the rotation now.

She woke up eatin dick call that breakfast in bed
04-01-2014 04:27 PM
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