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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 from last night

20 year old, nerdy but cute HB 6.75ish matched on Tinder 2 weeks ago. Our schedules finally worked out.

She was giving some grief about driving all the way out to see me (about a 30-45 min drive) she told me this a few hours before we meet.

I working only 15 mins away from where she lives, didn't bring a change of clothes.

Got off work, gymed, drove back home, prepped, met her halfway at this college bar circle (in hindsight this was a BIG risk for me). We chat for a bit, VERY straight forward, mentioned she slept with her roommate, i told her good thing I didn't come over, she said if you did I would of hooked up with you anyways. (I'm in, classic)

I projected myself as cocky, confident, and secure. She brought some past dates and how needy, pussy, and immature they were. Of course I tell her, "well that's why I'm here to correct that".

We chat a bit more, well she does most the chatting. I cut her off and say let's grab some cups of ice and but a bottle of peach vodka. Go to the liquor store....i forgot my fucking wallet at home.

I look at her and say "fuck it we're going back to my house" she agrees and we chat on the drive there. It's classic all the boys she's complaining about are totally needy bitches, she told me some dude cried because she wouldn't stop eating cookie dough lmao.

Anyways we get home I give her a minor tour of the pad, head to my room, I said i got something long and hard for her....i show her my ar-15 rifle i just built lol.

Get in the car, i don't start it, I talk about being random, aggressive, and forward. Called her out on wanting to kiss me, "but no it's to early in to the date she says with a half smile, i don't knowwww" I say "that's to bad, shutup and kiss me" i just go in for the kill, grab the back of her head and pull her hair, her lips were a bit chapped, but she liked it. "See you need someone aggressive and knows what they want" i say with a smirk on my face.

We bounce to the store (peach vodka & ginger ale). Back home I talk as I make the drinks, she really likes the drink I make (we honestly barely had any of the drink, I would consider this sober gaming), bounce to my room, put on the movie Half Baked. She gets cuddly quick I feel her out grab her hip, tell her "hips are my thing" turns out it's her go to spot.

Needless to say we start making out, escalate quickly (standard dry humping, nibbling ears, neck biting/sucking), NO LMR AT ALL Get her naked first, perky tits, decent ass, tight pussy. I get my nut, she gets all cuddly, I'm not against it (i'll be a little nice). I want to hit it again, but she was being lazy.

Wake up, bang again. Shower, drop her off to her car before work.

TL;DR Tinder>Strong Alpha Frame>Forget My Wallet>Sex

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