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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Acquired my 1st East Hampton bang this past weekend. Since I finished the school year I haven't been getting as many new notches and have unfortunately needed to revert to old habits (home rotation girls).

I've got a few girls in the works but I'm very pleased with this notch because she was 10 years my senior (31), and had one of the tightest bodies I have ever fucked. She was as close to a milf as I have gotten with.

I go out to the Hamptons usually a few times during the summer - my house is rented out to tenants most of the year so the time I get there is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Truthfully, I've never really gamed girls while I was out there, or even gone out.

Given, my friends and I recently turned 21, but I had some pre-conceived notions about Hamptons nightlife and girls:

1) that clubs out there are extremely hard to get into, unless you're a celebrity or willing to buy a table
2) girls are going to be at another level of bitchiness, seeing as they likely come from incredibly wealthy families who raised them spoiled and stuck-up

Well, saturday night I drove me and my 2 buddies over to Finale. It used to be called SL East, and is right next to Pink Elephant and some restaurant called Sienna.

We got there at 11:30 and I walked up to the door suited up, and spat some bullshit about meeting a group of girls there to celebrate one their birthdays. Dude kept scanning the list, But I told him no worries, we'll just pay cover. $20 each.

It was basically empty...within an hour though, it started getting packed. I noticed there were 2 groups of chicks: a bunch of girls that looked like they were underage, and then a whole lot of hot girls in their 30's, even some older milfs that must have been 40, sporting nose jobs, botox, and the like...

Every girl I opened was receptive and interested in chatting. I didn't get rejected or have a single girl walk away when trying to open her...this was interesting, girls much friendlier here than in many NYC venues...maybe they assume most of the guys are hot-shots and big ballers.

Anyway I went outside for a smoke and a water with my buddies, and a group of older girls walks up to my group, and stops right in front of us. They basically open us by standing there while looking at us, not saying anything.

I immediately begin chatting up the cutest girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, short pink dress that accentuates her tight ass and perky tits, very slender too. While we're talking a Biggie song comes on, and she goes 'omg I love this song,' turns around and starts slowly grinding on my dick. We're the only ones dancing in the outside section of the club, but I don't mind.

Her cunt friend eventually pulls her away and drags her to get a drink at the bar. I spit some game at a hot Indian girl and get her number in the meantime.

About 30 mins later, blondie comes and finds me, letting me know she was looking for me. She'd obviously been day-drinking before because she's getting super touchy feely with me and we start intensely making out at the bar. I kinda felt like I was being gamed by her. I was 'playing a good clown,' as Roosh might say, basically just dancing and making out, building a little bit of comfort, until the inevitable happens..

Eventually I let her know that I drove here and that we should go finish our drinks or have a smoke in my car - I didn't want to ditch the 2 friends I brought with me so I was planning how I can execute the car bang quickly and efficiently.

It's a little too early and there's not enough comfort built, so she complains that she doesn't want to leave her friend. I take her by the hand and guide her back outside, where they have beds. Yeah, kind of cool right, beds at the club. We lay there making out for a good half an hour. She has no shame straddling me and laying on top of me while making out in front of all the people outside.

No shame, or big whore? Probably the latter.

I know I'm going to pull her now, so I switch up my game a bit. Instead of telling her we're getting out of here, and leading her, which I've been doing for most of the night, I ask her what she wants to do. I bring her head in real close, and give her a couple light affectionate kisses on the head (giving her the sense that maybe I'm caring, and won't just pump and dump her). I then lean in and ask her what she wants to do, and if she wants to get out of here.

She kisses me on the cheek and leans in and whispers, "I want to go fuck you, but I like being on top."

I pick her up and say let's go. We leave the club and head to my car. She doesn't want to drive to my place though - she wants to sit in the backseat of my car and fool around, so we're actually on the same page.

I push the driver and passenger seats forward to give us more room, and then I start pulling her skintight pink dress up. She's not wearing any panties, which I was surprised, and aroused by. I honestly very rarely eat pussy, but her perfectly groomed 30 yr old pussy was calling to me, and I went down. Would have been embarrassing if anyone walked by...

I'm eating her out and fingering her, and then I just quickly pull down my pants and stick it right in. As much as I want to say the sex was great, I had an unbelievable urge to ejaculate almost immediately, and so I kept giving it a few pumps and then pulling my dick out so as not to bust inside of her, or all over my car seats. Also, sex in the backseat of a car is incredibly uncomfortable, especially if you've got a small car. Felt really restricted, but she's down to chill again so I've got another chance to fuck her properly. At least I got the bang though.

I then put her in a cab with her friend who was waiting inside, and joined my friends back inside Finale.

My oldest chick to date, and it was a unique notch for sure. Being gamed and just standing there not fucking up...I guess older girls know what they want.

P.S. This girl thought I was 30, so I went along and agreed. When she asked me what I did for work, I told her I owned several buildings in lower Manhattan, and I also manage property in Jersey and Brooklyn. She believed all of this. Might be hard chilling with her again in the city and keeping my stories all straight...oh, and then pulling her to my parents crib.
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