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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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-headed to the beach to meet up with friends for 4th of july. right when i show up they are pouring shots of patron. I grab a cup and run to the cooler. This Latina with a big booty and DDD fake tits is pouring her self a shot. (dressed up i give her a 8.5/9... at the beach with no make up. i give her a 7). i stick my cup in her face for the shot, she said "who are u?" with latina attitude. I said "sorry thought u were the bar tender". she served me the shot. but gave me attitude. we end up getting cool after a couple a shots and shit talking. wasnt running any game really just being cool, idgaf attitude. lots of high fives, shots, sharing cigs (which i found always helps breaks down barriers. idky).

when the fireworks about to go off everyone lays on the sand and she says "lay with me", then she lays on her stomach. i lay down using her booty as a pillow. she said "what do u think ur doing?", i said "using ur ass as a pillow" and turned over and bit her ass and laid back on it. she just screamed and laughed. my wing man had to head home to meet his girl, so when we were saying our good byes, she whispers in my ear "im really attracted to u but i have to play hard to get". i told her to stop playing games and take down my number. she said to meet up with her and her girls at the club. i said sure.

she calls an hour later and says she just wants to chill and drink. so i invite her back to my friends apt. he is in the room with his girl, so me and her just chilling alone in his living room. 6 shots and a half a pack of cigs later we start kissing and groping. etc. long story short.. best tits ive had in a while.. pussy tasted like nothing.. it was delicious. when i was licking her pussy she asked me to play with her ass hole... after she told me she loves anal and loves her ass ate... sex was a 3 due to too much alcohol. couldnt bust. she been hitting me up non stop since.
07-07-2014 08:41 AM
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