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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Grueling dry streak. Bankroll on an all-time low, just a few bills in my left pocket. My friend calls me up, tells me it's the last open day of a popular club, that he's going there with a bunch of girls..i say to count me in. I miss the bus so i'm walking, it's a little chilly. Just a cigarette, a cup of coffee and some cold feet. What if it's going to be like the last time..but this time i have logistics, my friend got a pad literally 30 seconds away from this club. But how important are logistics really?.

I'm in the club, it's packed. I do a couple of warm-up approaches, nothing hooks. Some petite cute girls opens my friend, it looks like they know each-other. She keeps eyeing me, i go in: "Hey do you have a pack of Kent cigarettes by any chance?" As soon as i open my mouth it's on. She's fully focused on me, touching me, laughing..child's play. After 2 minutes of teasing and banter i kiss..no resistance. We bounce from the spot, grab a drink, dance. Lead away from the dance-floor, take some shots. I do Roissy's test, it goes meh. She drops a big shit test, wants me to get up and get her something to eat. I decline and start teasing, she insists, i reframe as her being naughty. She doesn't give up so i drop a shit test: "you know what..i think you should go back to your friends". She says ok and storms off - not really what i expected. I think "no biggy, plenty of sets left" but i just don't feel it, the odds of a random girl hooking this strongly are so slim. I start looking for her but my dumb memory won't help, she had green eyes, 5'5 130lbs, bra showing through the shirt..that's all i remember, but 1 out of 4 girls in this club look like that.

After 15 minutes of searching i say 'fuck it' and start leaving the club..as i get to the exit guess who I notice: the girl from earlier, crying. I extend my arm in "The Hand of God", she takes it but says that she can't do it. It's about her ex. She just turned 18 and her boyfriend that took her virginity is an asshole. I take her hand and lead towards "a walk". We walk for 20 meters and we're already only 20 more meters away from my couch. I text my friend to come out and give me the keys. Meanwhile she's sitting on the bench next to me telling me about her life. The keys come and we start walking again. I tell her that i have to grab something real quick, she says ok. I struggle literally 5 minutes to find the right key, but it doesn't matter.
She had firm C cup breasts and a super tight pussy.
07-13-2014 12:09 AM
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