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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
I had my first ever hate fuck…

I’ve met a Korean-American 6 a few times over the last 6 months. She’s got a cute face, tiny tits but a fat arse. She was texting nearly everyday last week saying that she “wanted to show me something in person that she couldn’t express by texting”. She agreed to take the metro train to my area, and then I’d pick her up from the metro station, which is about 7 min walk away. I thought I’d pick up her, take her back to mine and get the bang.

Instead, she insists that she wants a drink, so I spend about 15 min trying to find a parking spot and then meet her at a bar. I was already pissed off at her as soon as I saw her but I thought I’d better not say anything to ruin the bang. We had one drink then I said I felt like ice cream & I had some at my place, and she said she’d like some too. I then drove her to mine.

We eat some ice cream then I take her to the bedroom. This bitch claims that she’s a Christian yet I don’t recall her mentioning Jesus when I was raw-dogging her. When we were doing it she lay there like a dead fish. I tried to get her on all fours, but she said her back hurt after a few mins. This bitch found it impossible to stick her arse up and keep her head down when I was doing her. She said that she didn’t like having her face in the pillow. When I asked her if it felt good she got all philosophical and started saying crap like “well what do you expect me to say? That it feels good? It only feels good if I feel loved, if I have a connection with the person.”

She was a crap bang and I was so bored I pulled out and lay next to her claiming that I was tired. We start talking and she talks REALLY loud. My apartment manager lives right below me and I’ve complaints before from the manager of “women screaming loudly” coming from the bedroom before. I told her to keep quiet because I didn’t want to piss off the manager. She doesn’t change her volume. She claims that I was rude when I asked her to be quiet, so she refuses to be quiet. I got mad and told her it’s time to go. She has no car and the last metro train had gone. I said I’d drop her off at her place, It’s about 15 mins away.

We get to her place and I pull over so she can get out of the car. She starts saying, “Why do you talk to me that way..” for about 5 mins. I said, I don’t care, get the fuck out of the car. She refused to leave. She then checks for her keys, and she’s forgotten them! She calls the landlord and he doesn’t pick up. She says, can I sleep around yours tonight? I just wanted to go to bed, I was tired so I said OK. We get back to mine, and she says she wants to sleep on my couch…I go and lie on my bed and about 5 mins later she gets into bed with me and puts her arms around me. I fall asleep…

I don’t know what my dick was feeling but next morning I wake up with a boner and I raw dog her again. Again, it was crap and I pulled out cos I was bored. She starts mentioning that she doesn’t feel any love from me & that she’s a good Christian. This bitch is fucking airhead “Christian” with no knowledge of religion.. I asked her a simple question like what language was the Old Testament written in and she had no idea! She claims that she reads the Bible, but she’s forgotten. I thought I’d give her a clue and I said well which people is the Old Testament about? The name of the people gives you a clue of the language (Hebrews). Again, this bitch had no idea.

She wants me to drop her off again...I needed to go to downtown LA anyway to run some errands so I drop her off again at her place. She then asked me, “I guess we’re not gonna see each other again?” I said, ”Of course not, are you fucking stupid?” I then drove off!
07-28-2014 02:13 PM
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