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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
FINALLY fresh meat !!

+1 19 y.o. 5.9 Tinder Bang probably SIF (she looked skinny in her pics) but was just thick, thick ass, cute face

She seemed sketched out about meeting up at my house, finally got her to meet at this local venue that has a lake/plaza. We talk on the bench blah blah blah then talks about family...."my sister is a rape counselor" here's the kicker "she works at a bikini bar near campus also" --is the fucking hamster spinning in overdrive or what ? Seriously, you dress like a slut for work AND you're a rape counselor ?

I literally almost ejected over this, but plowed on, cut the convo and said let's get out of here, "I'm only coming over because I need to charge my phone" (plausible deniability) to which I say with a smirk, "just met me and already using me, sure you're charging your phone"

She follows me home, open my garage, I say, "welcome to my pad, can you stop creeping me out now ?" she laughs and says "well a girl has to be safe, my friends know where I'm at" to which I say with a straight face, "I don't care, I'm more worried about you, look I know you think I'm attractive, but I'm not some piece of meat, and I'm not having sex with you tonight"

We watch a movie for about more 15 minutes, she talks about how she's "dominant" I lmao tell her that's cute and pat her head. Turns out we're in the same boat: We both don't want relationships, we want to do our own thing, we both want to hook up with who we want too. She asks what my ethnicity is, "omg I've always wanted to date that kind of guy" I laugh and tell her not to fall for me to fast. Another 15 minutes I can't stand her asking questions about the movie, I start making out with her and just caveman her to being naked, NO LMR at all.

She asks if I have a condom, I play stupid and say probably not, she doesn't do BC, I counter with pulling out, she says no. I make her give me head while I finger bang her, no play. Finally grab a condom, she's got a nice looking pussy for a thicker girl. We bang, I rip the condom off and nut all over her stomach, perfect.

She tells me a classic line, "Yeah I deleted Tinder, it's fucking weird. I've never had sex with someone I just met, especially online, you're my first." LaughLaughLaugh

15 minutes after banging she bounces, perfect ending to the night.

-I acted a little thirsty via text, trying to get her over to my house asap, need to play it more cool.
-I used asshole/cocky game the entire time, she fed off it.
-The only thing I spent was about 2 hours of time, no money.
-Cutting the convo short saved time.
-I cavemanned her: I didn't stop at the first kiss, we madeout, got her clothes off, banged, all in one step. I didn't ramp up to it.
-It felt good to get outside of my regulars, I have another girl pipelined for Friday (and 2 backups).
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