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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Captured 3 new notches in the past 4 days...it's not that impressive when I'm at school, but getting consecutive bangs like that while I'm in NYC has me feeling pretty good.

Notch #1 of the week also happened to be my oldest chick yet, so I'm pleased to have finally banged a legit Milf (she was 34, previous oldest was 30)

Saturday Night
I roll outta the crib with my boy around 11:30, blazers on, pocket squares nicely fitted, generally feelin optimistic about the night ahead. I happen to have a trendy bar located directly next door to my place, and as I walk outside I see a gorgeous middle eastern looking girl chatting on the phone.

I spark up cigarette and approach her. She literally pretends like I'm not there and not speaking to her, choosing just to look past me and continue blabbering. Don't get me wrong, I know she's on the phone, but I hit on girls on the phone all the time...I'll even run up to girls during the day and tell them to put down the phone, which I then follow with my normal direct approach. Lotsa times, perhaps surprisingly, girls happily hang up the phone and accept my approach as 'ballsy.'

I repeat something to this girl, to which she snaps on me and starts loudly cursing me out on the street. I immediately think of this forum and how often I read about girls, particularly in America, acting like complete cunts and how this culture that we've created allows chicks to march around like they're gods gift to earth. In Eastern Europe or SEA, I doubt a girl would have spoken to me like that. Anyway, I get pretty heated (silly, I know) and tell her to go fuck herself and that she's a beat cunt. I walk to the next block with my friend and look for a cab.

As I'm looking to hail a cab to the bar we're supposed to meet friends at, I see 2 cute girls about a half block away hailing down an available cab. I yell across the street, "Hey ladies, you heading uptown, how about we share the cab?" Not surprisingly, they get in and the cab drives past us. Suddenly though, I hear some honking and turn around. The cab is stopped at a green like, and I'm pretty confused. I walk towards the cab and see the girls in the back seat waving us in to join them. I guess they liked what they saw.

We ditch our plans and tell them we'll join them for drinks at a bar in Soho. Turns out 1 chick is 34 and the other is 26, they both work together. At the bar me and my buddy delve into some bullshit story about how we own a big nightlife company that caters to the rich and famous, and we let them guess our age. They say 25, and we agree. We soon dip them to another venue (a not so cool club in the east village).

Eventually my friends finds out that the 26 year old has a boyfriend, and he dips to go meet a girl he's been talking to on OKCupid. I go over to the girl with a boyfriend, and I explain to her that she's not going to try to drag her friend home with her because she's alone now...her friend and I are having a good time, and she's in good hands. The friend doesn't protest my statement, and soon leaves.

Start making out with my girl at the bar, and then bring her to the dance floor for a little bumping and grinding...I'm so used to running basement dance game at college that I don't mind using it with this older chick. She doesn't either. Next move is me telling her I live only 5 minutes away, and she should come over and listen to a music.

I've really gotten good at inviting girls over and getting them to oblige. I used to do it in such a way that the girl would immediately ask me if I was just inviting them over for sex etc. Somehow I've altered my game and when I tell girls they should come over to do something (like have a drink, or listen to music) it comes off a bit more genuine. She agrees.

When we get upstairs to my apartment, I tell her I've got family friends staying in my loft (really my parents), so she has to be quiet walking in. At this point I've already told her about my nice loft (which she's about to enter), my beach house in the Hamptons, and the fancy sports car that I own. Truthfully those are all owned by my parents, but I've become quite a good story-teller.

Once in my room, I experience about 30 minutes of heavy LMR. Heavy LMR meaning she's sucking my dick, but absolutely refusing to fuck me. I'm thinking this girls crazy, she's blowing me like a pro no problem, but fucking me is out of the question? She keeps telling me it's because she wants to see me again because she thinks I'm really cool, but if she just fucks me now she knows I won't want to see her again. Her hamster is spinning fast, but I manage to get a condom on and eventually get inside her. The sex was above average - she was a pretty blonde with small boobs an incredible ass.

Monday Night
I'm invited to a private event at Spin New York - I was pretty fucking excited because I love playing ping pong and I'm pretty damn good at in (Spin is a table tennis lounge/bar - it's pretty cool). Normally playing ping pong at that time cost $25 per half hour, talk about expensive.

Anyway it's an open bar with a lot of cute girls, but I'm too busy kicking ass in ping pong. I literally don't talk to a girl the whole event...afterwards though, my buddy and I roll to a speakeasy down the block. We sit down at a table with 2 Thai girls and start hitting on them. I kid you not, the female server comes over to us and asks us to "Please retreat to the bar," because hitting on unsuspecting females at this place is frowned upon.

I quickly leave this establishment, pull out my phone and text this girl who I went to high school with. In fact, she just graduated high school so I believe she's 17 or 18. I randomly messaged her a few days ago on Facebook, got into a friendly chat, and told her we should chill sometime. It's 1 in the morning but I convince her to take a cab down to my place.

Keep in mind I'm feeling pretty thirsty for some reason and this is not the type of girl I generally fuck. She's actually a sorta ghetto Puerto Rican girl whose thick (her ass is huge, almost too big). But I was in a weird mood so I had her over. We smoke a couple bowls together in my room, before she randomly says, "so do you have a nice cock?" < Very classy chick, as I said.

We quickly proceed to fucking, and 30 minutes later I'm providing her directions to the subway. Before she left I had to take a photo of the poorly done tattoo of the Buddha that she had inked across her entire back...couldn't help but find this funny: [Image: photo2-3.jpg]

Tuesday Night
The company I'm interning at hosts a table every tuesday at a very exclusive club in New York. They have me and another intern get to the club before it opens, wait until the people joining our table get their (mostly girls), and then head in at around midnight. So basically once a week I become a promoter - not a bad gig at all, my boss even lets me come in late on wednesdays because he knows I'm taking care of the clients and staying out late the night before.

I end up talking to this cute Russian girl for a while...we're just chilling on a couch in front of our table flirting and getting to know each other a bit. One of the dudes who we were hosting for the night and trying to show a good time (aka trying to help him get laid) comes over to me and tells me one of the girls with us wants me. I ask him which chick, and he points over to a cute blonde girl with wearing a short skirt and skimpy little top, exposing her huge breasts.

I go over and start gaming her, basically acting like a cocky asshole and assuming the bang. After all, if she's telling a guy she doesn't even know that she wants to hook up with me, then she must be a slut, right?

20 minutes later and I drop my classic line:
"Listen, I just live like 5 minutes from here, we should roll to my place and grab a drink." .. She tells me she's got 2 friends sleeping over who are there with us at the club, and she'd feel awful leaving them.

I tell her that we can just grab a quick drink since I'm nearby, and then I can drive her back to meet her friends, no problem (I live like 10-15 minutes by cab, and I am not driving her anywhere). She agrees.

This bang was pretty easy, and she actually gave me no resistance. And guess what, I actually let her sleep over. Turned out she was a 'bad friend,' but I let her stay over because she showed me a lot of affection after we fucked. She kept cuddling up to me, kissing my neck, and telling me how good of a kisser I was. Honestly this rarely happens after sex with American chicks. A lot of them are kinda awkward or feel shitty about themselves for giving into having sex with me so quickly. Few happily lay there with me and show some genuine affection, which I actually appreciate.

In the morning when she left, she forgot her phone in my bed. Not the sharpest I suppose, but a sweet girl nonetheless. She returned 15 minutes later realizing she had forgotten something. When I got back into bed to sleep a little more, I felt something else in my bed - it was her business card, which she had left right by my pillow. It had a picture of her and read, Singer, Actress, Model. I assume that was her way of asking me to see her again.

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