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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1, this notch was from July 31st

First Norwegian chick, 1st Norwegian flag. We were in Rhodos I was with 3 swiss buddies and we were talking to people in the street, 2 Norwegian girls were really receptive and stayed and drank with us on a terrace. They had to go but I had a very good interaction with one of them.

Two nights later I was alone saw these girls randomly in the street and chatted with them, they were looking for a place to go out. They asked me to join which I did we ended up in a bar full of scandinavians but was pretty fun nonetheless, they introduced me to a Swedish guy that looked like Bradley Cooper who was there also 2 nights ago, he was happy to see me but I didn't remember him all that much. Anyway we had enough drinks and dancing I kept my cool, dancing at the bar. We went out for a cigarette, Bradley was all over the blond one I started kinoing the Norwegian that was red-hair, worked well she was really receptive, she grabbed my hand I took her to the end of the street to find another place. Bradley would become my wingman tonight he finally got touchy with the blond one but she wasn't as receptive as my girl. Anyway, he invited us for an afterparty at their place, we all followed, on the balcony, I was more intimate with red-hair Norvegian she sat on me we started making out. Don't know what was happening with Bradley at this point seems like he was disturbed by his buddies.

Red-hair wanted to get more intimate so I told her that I have an hotel room and that i'm leaving the next day (she knew, just want her to remember), I also told her i'm not far (true). We walked to my place, still making out in the street. When we got to my room we instantly took out our clothes she grabbed my dick and put in straight in her vagina which was insanely wet, i had never never experienced such a wet vagina without any foreplay. It was sliding so well, I really wanted the condom but then I was like fuck it. I rawdogged her like a wild beast and I would not cum, the beds were moving it was crazy and someone knocked at our door ha. I managed to make her cum while doggy styling her, probably 30 min after, it took me another 10 min after, I took a break to go pee.

She went extra cuddling after, we went for another session, this time I was the only one to cum then we slept.

The next morning we went at it again, made her cum again.

Always had to take my dick out to cum, first time I actually had to masturbate it was strange... probably so wet that I didn't fell anything but the next two session I definately felt it tighter. I should really have cummed on her tits, she had massive E jugs, which were hidden pretty well under her tight shirt.

Was great, she was screaming, moaning very loudly and even started saying Norwegian dirty stuff. Now I understood the hype in Scandinavians. I really want my swedish flag now.
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