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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(09-04-2014 01:34 AM)ThePrinceOfDixie Wrote:  +1 From social circle. Girl is in bathroom.
super kinky, details in the morning upon request.

@AneroidOcean ask and and you shall receive.

The Lizard: I met this bitch threw my friends here in NC and upon meeting here I saw her plainly for the style of trailer park slut that she is. Despite her unfortunate upbringing she came to the town were in to go to school since she managed to get a full ride for her good grades in high school. Never the less we attend a particular party and run into each other so I decide that her boyfriend won't mind if we make out( she told him and :banana:he was upset but didn't do anything apparently). So I don't pull that night and time keeps on goin. I am forced have conversations with her over the months where I learn some lovely things about her. For Instance she is a f-word, gender-queer, BDSM Dominatrix, was engaged threw out high school, BPD, and a hard drug user on top of that. Its important to mention at this point that I am aware of the dangers of hooking up with these chicks but since I spent my formative years orbiting these foul but horny creatures and two more doing post red pill work that I taste the fruit I once was tricked into believing was actually loveable and in fact not just good for what I am about to describe.

When she returned to school I saw her again but I had no intention since I had already blown off an opportunity to fuck her since I knew my good friend liked her. However the Good Lord had other plans. I had seen and talked to her once or twice and just gave my usual apathy to whatever bullshit she was going on about. Then one night I had been at the bar that's a stones throw from my apartment and had done maybe five or six sets but never closed one, then I see her I call out "Oi! (Lizard)", and motion her to me. She walks up to me and I say, "bitch doncha know it dangerous to walk alone at night", she laughs and says she can't sleep. I suggest we go play Mortal Kombat and smoke at my place and she complies. After We smoke I am gone from cross buzzing and I don't really know what we talked about but in the morning when I wake up we're cuddled up and so I start contemplating going for a make out. Contemplating being my downfall there because I got all nervous before I went and actually kissed the sloot so my hand got shakeup and she noticed and I think it cost me sex that morning. I know ole scrap was watching my hesitation because I caught myself thinking of pedastilizing her and other hoes like her. Enraged with myself over that I go to my coffee shop to do an approach.

The next day I say fuck the bull shit and text her to come over that evening. she complies but we meet at the bar because yours truly is an obbsessive Jack drinker and it's $2 off all whiskey night. I sneak her some shots and craftily make her a mix drink or two and in between make outs and sharing nudes of girls we fucked she reveals that she likes to finger herself to snuff films and beastiality porn. I laugh, and tell her she's a fucking psycho and she agrees. I high tail her out of there and strait to the boudair we go.

As I easily carry this supposed dominatrix up my stairs with one arm and squeeze her perky little white girl buttchecks while putting my fingers over her pussy. I throw her down onto the couch and snuggle up right next to her. The kissing is passionate in the heat of things and thusly I disrobe her as she sits on my lap facing away while I bite and lick her neck... first the shirt, pants, panties, lastly her bra. Her tight body is enough for me to run my hands and mouth over lovely enough for me to forget, however briefly, about that ratchet short skrillex hair of hers. I dip my my middle finger into her pussy and then I hear her say," you have something right?", unphased by her remark I curl my finger in a little deeper but she persist and repeats the question. Annoyed by the audacity of her silly little games I move my mouth down to her tits so I can suck them but just befor I begin to nibble I say,"no". She luls things over and and asks, "got any stds man?";"Nope", and for added effect I throw in a lie about getting tested last month. She turns her head to meet her lips to mine and after getting sucked off (poorly) put her down knees almost up to her ears and begin pumping away. Though there is a problem I'm losing my boner thanks to all that whiskey I pull out and I don't remember my exact words but I reframe it so it's her fault out loud. She gets all sweet and stokes and says its okay she can still play with it. Finding my self unsatisfied with that I put her ontop of me jerk my dick back into life and let her ride it. Now this is what I wanted to tell y'all about because this bitch was an athlete when it came to riding dick, it could have been the best sex ever if I didn't lose my boner again but I was not bothered because I still nearly fisted her pussy whith she hung halfway off the couch.At the same time I furiously slapped her ass and stomach while getting her to tell me who's slut she is. The night was a great one and I hope you enjoy this memoir of but I haven't written anything this long since high school and it's making my head hurt.

Good night and good luck,

"Look Mama, no hands..."
09-08-2014 07:44 PM
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