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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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(NSFW) RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Coming back from a fair yesterday I stopped off in another town en route to home - very gay/lesbian city but usually great nightlife. It was surprisingly dead. Was going to hit a bar but walked a couple blocks looking for prospects first. One girl was walking across the street, was going to open with asking what was good to eat that was still open but she dipped off down a dark side street before I caught up. Opening there would have been awkward so I continued on.

Rounding a corner a group of thirsty dudes driving by in a sweet old car catcalled some chubby brunette standing there, I eyerolled, "Well, that worked out for them, huh?" Just then a cute looking brunette in a tight black dress, black leggings and white sweater rode by on a bike the way I was going and pulled up to a tree. I sped up and caught her as she was locking it up, opened
G:Well that outfit looks a lot better than the neon spandex you bikers usually wear
She was a thirtysomething hairdresser, bit of an emo cut with bangs and highlights but pretty cute, small tits but acceptable
B:Huh? Did you see me yesterday? I was wearing a red dress.
G: No I totally just made that up actually. So you always bike in dresses?
B:Somebody just told me yesterday that I shouldn't dress like this on a bike out at night actually
Talk for several minutes
G: So where are you headed now?
B: I'm going to xx bar, they're having karaoke or open mic or something
G:Yeah, open mics usually wind up just being karaoke with bring your own guitar anyway, dont they. This looks like a rough part of town, you could probably use an escort.
B: You wanna come? OK, let me... I better lock up my helmet, people are aalways stealing bikes in this town.
She did, I stuck out my elbow and she looped through it to the bar just down the street and then as I dropped it she reached for my hand for a second. Good, good... She was meeting an orbiter who was clearly unimpressed with me but didn't attempt any cockblocking. Bounced between indoor and outdoors at the venue (she was a smoker) met some rastafaris, college cuties and emos, and one fat, 50yo formerly homeless women with 5 kids and 4 ex husbands who smoked a joint with my target on the bar balcony and was raving about how younger guys were the way to go and her last BF was 32 (my age) No thanks.

When target was dancing I opened a well dressed dude who seemed to have some social proof in the venue about his untied bowtie. Two sentences in it was clear he was gay but seemed pretty chill so I BSed a bit for networking purposes. After close outside he came up and invited us to an after party. I thought it might be conducive to a bang so told target we should go. It really wasn't but we hung out for a bit, gay dude tried pussyblocking(?) my target several times when she was being a bit drunk and obnoxious "You're really gonna put your dick in that later?" or similar shit. I just smiled and shrugged, but he came up several times, pouring shots, asking how we were doing. Finally had to shut him down once when he was getting a little too touchy
G: Hey man, I'm flattered and all but just to let you know I'm not into guys, easy on the touching please (I laughed out loud when he pulled Tuth's DQ line:
GD:Don't flatter yourself Laugh
30 seconds later, mid convo but out of nowhere -
GD: So let me ask you, where do you prefer to cum when you pull out?
G: Um, well I'm more of a tits guy so I'd have to vote for that. Yeah.
GD:Oh I swallow
G: Oh, um... cool........ Hmm, I should probably use the bathroom and check up on Target
Perils of gaming in a gay friendly town I guess

Bounced with target, put her bike in my trunk and drove to her house. Walked in, she pulled her sweater and leggings off, went straight to the bed and laid down. I laid down next to her and had my dick inside in under three minutes. Fucked her for 1.5 hours that night, slept for 1.5 hours, fucked for 2 more in the morning and spanked her fine ass red, came in her ass both times. She tried being dominant/bossy at first but loved it when I was a little rough and did it my way, although she insisted on my fucking her pussy raw immediately after I just came in her ass and also insisted that it was impossible to get pregnant by doing so. Coincidentally, she got a burner number...

[Image: 09291404511_zps473d6628.jpg]

[Image: 0929140432a1_zpsc60e32ec.jpg]

Covert shot of her fingering her ass after a little encouragement. Yes means anal.
09-29-2014 03:56 PM
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