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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 23 year old 6.9 Tinder Bang


She flaked on me tuesday didn't respond she apologized, followed up thursday and immediately confirmed. I tell her to meet me at a bar 10 mins away from work 30 mins away from home - suburb logistics are the worst, but I make it work.

She shows up, she's got these cute glasses she wears, she's white washed chinese, decent body, was a beginning crossfit instructor a year ago.

First venue is this kind of hipster craft beer bar, I always go here first, start out mellow and feel the girl out to get a sense of where the night is going. She buys the first round because I told her it's what she gets for flaking on me. (Shit test 1) "well that's not very gentlemen like" I reply "woah, who said i was a gentleman !?" laughs and we move on.

We bounce and go to a bar directly across that I frequent with girls (no appetizers Laugh) grab some beers, shoot pool. Before our date I jokingly told her I'd beat her at pool, well of course I did. Second game she asks "what should we bet on" i reply with "how about a kiss, even though I don't need to be that to get one -smirk-"

I beat her and we drink as she's laughing I say "well let's get this out of the way" and have a short make out. We sit down chat, she asks (shit test 2) "so what are you doing on tinder" I reply "looking for my next ex wife -smirk-" she says "really !? I was engaged once" I told her I was joking and she laughs.

I'm talking about how my legs are sore from leg day and she says well I know ho to massage them for you (doesn't get better than this) She gets super touchy feely by this point I know she's DTF, there won't be any LMR, I close my tab, we bounce to her car and she shows me her skateboard, then she drives me to her car.

She's massaging my legs, we get hot and heavy, I think the car bang is about to go down, I start taking her top off when I hear (shit test 3) "wait you're crazy not here !" I pull off of me and say "well then we're going to my hood and drinking, first rounds on me" She agrees and she follows me home.WORST traffic ever due to construction, I'm losing my buzz and I'm betting she's getting irritated. I call her and tell her to just follow me to this bar.

This is THE bar I take alot of my dates to and I have the most successful bounce back to my pad and bang rate. We show up my usual bartender nods and smiles, we chat up, she's drinking whiskey, I'm drinking my usual, I chat with the other coworkers, finish our drinks and bounce.As we're driving we're chatting she says (shit test 4)"you come off as a womanizer are you ?" I reply casually but cocky "I like women....-smirk" she laughs and we roll up to my driveway.

We get settled into bed, begin watching a movie and we make out, NO LMR, and clothes come off, she's got soft skin and hair, she's got a tiny bush, no big deal (i prefer shaven). I must've been wanting an asian bad because I went to town on her man, she even squirted off the side of my bed, we had to break twice because I was gassed, finally I came all over stomach and we pass out.

Next morning we wake up slow, I'm trying to fuck her again and get (Shit test 5) HEAVY LMR she's saying "you're just a dick aren't you" blah blah, I tell her "if i really was a dick, I'd of kicked you out last night, besides I'm just a funny asshole" eventually I sooth her hamster and we bang again, we shower and I drop her off at her car at the bar.

Pretty stoked about this bang, it's been a month dry streak (of new pussy hunting) and it was with the elusive asian girls I've been trying to conquer. This was only Friday and I've got a long weekend still !

TL;DR> First real asian girl> Strong SMV/IOI> Girl Kino's me> Aced shit tests> banged>ACED shit tests morning after> banged

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