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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Last night met up with a mexican cougar.

Met up with her, she's short, fit, with large tits in a tight dress and heels. We had a couple of drinks, started making out with her then jumped to a wine bar.

Guess what? We got apps. A red wine with some pate. I chose a fucked up seating lay out but still made a connection. We made out and the place closed around 2am so we bounced. We went to a hotel, she thought we were going to the hotel's bar. I'm like "It's 2am, you know the bar is closed".

Her response? "Oh, I wasn't expecting this" nervously but she proceeded to go in with me. We got a room and on the way there she keeps telling me I've done this before because I knew the hotel. Truth is I had it planned out but hadn't done it before. We watched TV but infomercials came in....so the infomercials became my wingman. Turned off TV, started making out, she didn't want to fuck right away and wanted to "wait". Stuck a finger in, then two....eventually fucked her. Had to get my ROI for the room so we went at it a couple of times. Bitch just became my regular and keeps texting me.

The funny part? She told me "we're not having sex" when we got in the room. I was laughed in my head....bitch, if that were true you wouldn't have chosen to come in. I gotta thank the RVFers for that, in my blue pill days I would have tried to rationalize with her by saying "well, I already got the room" or "why not? You'll like it" or "then why did you came in?". Nowadays I just ignored those words and keep escalating. After fucking she said "well, I didn't plan for this" and later "I don't like how this escalated to quickly" but she kept talking to me afterwards and has blown up my phone quite a bit.

No means yes, yes means anal.

God this bitch has some gigantic titties, DDs and a nice ass. She likes to cook and doesn't drink beer, not to mention she makes bank. She said she rarely cums, so I told her "challenge accepted" and succeeded.

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