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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(11-05-2014 04:54 PM)kaotic Wrote:  +1 6.8 Feisty Latin Bang Last Night – Great DD tits, real, pierced, a bit thick, decent ass

NOTE: My bangs are usually detailed. This is so everyone can take away something from it and provides as much information as possible (without giving anything away). So bear with me Smile

That’s back to back new night bangs for me, I’m hoping for a hat trick by this weeks end !

2 months ago - met her through a friend at a baseball game, I was wasted game was off, had my buddy have her text me, she texts me the same night, I get home, she calls me at 1:30 wants to hangout, she was with a friend.

Her and friend pick me up and we go to a diner that serves beer, we talk, then start talking shit to each other in a jokingly way, then the convo starts turning raunchy about sex. Her friend is jokingly saying we should just leave, to which I say we just need to fuck and get over it. Friend starts being a cockblock and bitchy about some text she reads, kills the vibe.

We text for a few weeks, we never meet (I had plans or better prospects). She drunk texts me at her familys party and I come over, I get wasted, she’s on her period, I didn’t push because I was plain blacked out.

We plan to hangout one more time, her cockblock friend ends up deciding to invite herself to the bar she wants me to go to. I don’t even both getting ready and pass out. She was furious haha.

The meet (Venue 1):
Same setup as last bang, go to my regular bar, my good friends little brothers LTR girl was working, we catch up, she laughs and asks knowingly “so which girl is it this night” Laugh My girl shows up we start chatting, she jokingly gives me shit for flaking on her, i told her that's her problem then another bartender that works there (off shift) and gives me a hug (SMV). She ends up getting me and my date blowjob shots.

She has to run outside to collect money from a girlfriend, that pissed me off, I told her that’s her 2nd strike, she complied after that. We sip our drinks and this is where it got real interesting:

The Redpill Session:
We get to talking about how we both don’t want marriage or kids, I laugh and call her on it, saying mother nature’s biological clock will override that.
-That an old lady by herself and alone has a high possibility of mental/health issues along with it being weird. She Agrees
-Men age like fine wine, women hit the wall hard and lose value. She Agrees
-Men and Women CAN’T be friends, she said BS, I told her alright open your legs for one of your guy friends see what happens. She resists this theory then after a few minutes - “You’re right, this is why I don’t drink around many guys” (Slut tell) She Agrees
-She insists were just friends and just hanging out, I tell her “Cut the bullshit, we both wouldn’t be here if we didn’t want to fuck each other, I’m not one to waste time, or I’d of left” Shit Test
-She says “I’m trying this new thing out where I’m not gonna sleep with a guy I’m talking to for awhile” I die laughing and say that’s bullshit, any women would sleep with the right man on the first date. She Agrees (Shit Test)
-I also tell her that a women, within seconds of meeting a man, will decide whether to sleep with him or not. “It’s in our biology, look at animals, it goes back to primal instinct, hunter gatherer POV” She Agrees
-I explain a study about women wanting men to cum inside them and how they get off better. “Yeah I really hate condoms they’re useless” (Slut tell) She Agrees
-She stops explaining why she was going to a certain place near Florida (read: she was going to go fuck a guy) I tell her I don’t give a shit, I don’t need to hear, nor do I care. “I actually like that you don’t care about things like that.” (Slut tell)IOI

We talked a lot about other various female relationship subjects, I didn’t hear ONE thing that she disagreed when it came to red pill views, deep down inside she knew what I was saying was true.

I completely dominated the conversation I got responses like:
“I can’t believe you said that, but it’s so true”
“I like how you’re so blunt, have no filter, and don’t care”

She gave me shit tests such as:
Saying I need a BJ after the BJ shots “As if you’re lucky to get that tonight”
After talking about guys and girls not being friends “We’re not having sex” “We’re just friends hanging out”

This overwhelming nuke of red pill views threw her off guard and my SMV increased fast in her eyes.

Venue 2:
We bounced from Venue 1 and she followed me in her car, we were headed to my place for a “movie” but I said fuck and went to Venue 2 (same from the last bang), same cougar bartender, she laughed and played it cool poured our drinks strong, talk about sports (so boring) then we bounce.

The bang:

NOTE: I kissed her a few times at her party weeks ago, during this date I hardly touched her and didn't kiss her until the bang was initiated.

Get to my pad, we don’t grab drinks, she gets in bed, her top comes off and these nice big ole pierce titties come out.

As I’m unbuckling her pants “Wait ! I’m not ready, I haven’t shaved for a week” (Shit Test) – I laugh and say “you think I give a shit !” she laughs, we get naked, we bang, raw dogged it, finish up in her mouth like a good girl.

She rests, we bang she said surprisingly “again ?” I don’t cum, she dries up, I have to keep waking her up to try and kick her out (she was for sure trying to spend the night). Surprisingly I sold her on having to drive in the cold ass morning and she leaves.


Chose to drop nuclear red pill knowledge>Turns into high SMV>Bang Twice

[Image: mushroom%20cloud.jpg]

I probably won’t keep her in the rotation since she lives in the same city and knows my friends (my only mistake).

kaotic you are my fucking hero, I am now going to fuck with american girl minds because of you.
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