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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 23 year old HB 7.75 Mixed Latin Girl Second Date Bang

2nd notch this week, back to back days.

Pretty proud of this one, the most MASSIVE LMR I ever experience and it stopped beautifully.

Backstory (3 Weeks ago):

Punk rock show, drunk, go to a local bar after with my buddy, his wife, and this other couple (5th wheelin), see this girl talking to my friends wife, then she disappears, I get the number from my friends wife.

We hangout, do my usual routine: my regular bar then bounce back to my pad.

Movie, heavy petting, intense LMR, cavemaning fails, she is-not-having-it.

We talk during the week, I flake on her friday (for the previous bang above).

Second meet up:

Get off work, get ready, she's lagging so I say fuck it and go to my regular bar.

Catch up with old friends and my regular weekend friends. It was actually nice being at that bar without a girl and being able to talk to everyone.

I end up driving from the bar with a buddy and his girl back to my place to pickup my HB who finally showed up.

Head to our first venue it's a country bar I frequent with friends (not usually girls).

Drinks and shots are flowing, everyones having a blast it's like a reunion at this bar, I noticed my HB is sticking pretty close to me, the more she drinks the more she's being flirty with me.

She starts kissing me in public and PDA. I'm drunk and I return the favor - this is a no no for me. I never show PDA with a random girl, especially at a bar I frequent, I like leaving mystery surrounding the girls I bring.

I'm drunk and I just do it, but my game is on auto pilot and slows it down thank god.

We end up on the patio and I got back inside to catch up with some friends, I guess she saw 2 guys she knows and caught up with them, I caught myself trying to see how she was reacting, once again auto-pilot drunk game kicks in, I ignore and keep talking to my friend.

I take a piss and see my buddy gaming this ugly fat 5, when he's drunk he goes for anything. I walk up to them and start chatting, then my friend ejects and gets a drink so now I'm stuck with this girl.

Somehow the conversation ended like this:

Dumb fat ugly 5: I'm not like other girls, I bet you've never met a girl like me.
Kaotic: -laughs hysterically- Haven't heard that before.
Dumb fat ugly 5: -snotty voice- oh yeah ? How many girls do you know that have their masters ?
Kaotic: Actually a few, and I give a shit less about a degree, it's all about how you are as a person, show me something of worth as a person, then I'll be interested.
Dumb fat ugly 5: -startled face- Well blah blah blah.

At this point I'm laughing and my girl walks towards me because she see's me with another girl. I swear some fucking people need to be checked and I have no filter or the time. It didn't help she was persian and had princess syndrome.

We do a line dance together, then everyone ejects to the last venue/dive bar, another country bar.

More drinks, more dancing, caught up with some really old friends, which was awesome to see. I get an Uber and we bounce back to the pad.

The Closing:

We get home, it's hot and heavy once we get in bed, I get some resistance, but get her top off, as I get her bottoms of she says "I'm on my period" - "so, I don't care". Her pants are off, sure enough a tampon is in.

She's got a cute ass, great body, a bit flat chested (bit of a disappointment)

Next came the most INSANE amount of LMR I've encountered.

Her LMR was like reeling a fucking Marlin in for over an hour.

"I can't"
"This is the only second time we've hungout"
"Let's wait, let's do this later"

to which I responded:
-no response carry on-

As she's throwing up LMR she's stroking my dick and then rubbing her pussy on it.

I tried all kinds of cavemaning, fingering, licking/rubbing her clit, I even played just the tip - yes, with the tampon still in.

Yeah, I'm a drunk deplorable scumbag that will get shit done for the bang. Laugh

And of course she was never "on her period".

Finally I stop trying to reel her in and I'm just on top of her, and guess what ?

She gets up, goes to the bathroom, comes back, lays down, and puts my dick in her.

She's super fucking tight, semi wet (could be the booze), we bang raw, her on top, me on top, and then I fuck her from behind, she slows me down tells me my dick is hurting her (as in her pussy is tiny and tight) then I blast all over her chest and stomach.

Clean up, pass out, she spent the night and wake up. I can tell this girl likes me more than just a bang, she's showing PDA as we're waking up.

She left her fucking keys in my car which is at the bar, she's totally embarrassed and kept apologizing, I get an uber and bounce to the bar, I tell her she owes breakfast and a blowjob the next time we hangout, she said "I'll give you a BJ while you're having breakfast" - SOLD -

Drop her off at her car then bounce to work.

TL;DR - 1st date almost bang>2nd meet up>Bar/Booze/IOI>Broke my PDA rule>MOST LMR EVER>Bang

Don't ever give up on LMR, always push through, but be careful you aren't towing the line.

Below for your viewing pleasure, my Marlin (this pic doesn't do her justice):

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