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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Finally broke a ~two month new-notch dry spell, been working like a dog and could barely keep a couple regulars satisfied. It was blizzarding hard here all yesterday and today so I was home. Towards the evening in between leg sets and a glass of Black Box I fired up OKC mobile for the first time in 3 weeks and replied to a few conversations left hanging. Surprisingly they all got right back to me. One in particular I first started talking to near 6 months ago. Senior at a small ultra-liberal, uber-crunchy college not far from me. I wasn't that interested and was semi-trolling her at the time but she continued responding before things died out, it was like she was too nice to not reply, let alone say "fuck off". She restarted it maybe 6 weeks ago and we set something up and I bailed again to catch up on sleep. Turns out she's moving in a couple weeks, I said we should hang out soon then.
"I can't really drive anywhere, my tires are terrible (True, I had to drive her car out of her nearly flat driveway in the AM for her and barely made it) but there's bluegrass at XX"
Gave her a statement of mild interest and talked about working my legs to which she responded along the lines of "needing a massage, her therapist hasn't been able to get her in when she can make it". *Ding ding, DTF
"Me too, maybe we can trade" and change of subject.

With the weather I was debating staying in again but my decision was made easier when the power went out. Between sitting home alone in the dark or risking life and limb to chase tail it was an easy call - threw on some boots and shoveled out the truck. I grew up driving in the snow belt but these roads were incredibly bad, alternately heavy wet snow and rain so mounds of slush everywhere. Bunch of cars were off the road, I went sideways twice trying to go over 35 so settled into a routine at that speed or below. Watched a Camry in front of me go sideways and nearly smack the guardrail head on before pulling over.

Finally picked her up and drove to a bar near her college. Walked in to a scene with more hair and beards than than a ZZ Top reunion tour. I probably stood out as the only older guy and non-hippy there but gamed as usual. DHV stories and mild cocky funny game were not doing it for her, seemed distant but opened up when I went more for the rapport and nice guy vibe. Bought two rounds and had an app for myself which she didn't even try to get in on. Petite blonde playing the washboard with a paper saying "Black lives matter" taped to was eyefucking me. She was honestly cuter than my date but "a bird in hand" as they say... I had seeded with a unique beer in addition to the massage in case that seemed to forward to her when it came time but she was a lightweight and shot down further drinking so on the drive back she was talking about cleaning I asked
"Did you dig out your candles and massage oil then?"
"Haha, I always know where those are"
I pulled up, put it in park
"Thanks for driving"
"No problem. You ready to take me up on that massage now?"
"Well sure, if you want to do it now"

Went inside, massaged her for a while, she did me. Eventually turned over and pulled her onto me which she deflected by falling to the side. Continued rubbing on each other and went for the kiss. She didn't turn but didn't reciprocate at all. Moving real slowly, like 2 steps forward 1.75 back, eventually got her top off and turned on and kissing, and finally naked.

Probably one of the worst bangs I've had. Wrapped it up and got it in and at first she was playing with herself and getting into a little but eventually stopped and just laid there. After she apologized and said she "wished she could just enjoy sex but needed more of a holistic emotional connection." Talking afterwards I do believe I was her first ONS, sounded like she'd only been with one guy prior to earlier this year. I spent the night, she made a banging smoothie for breakfast and I got her car out of the driveway so she could get some snows on it. All in all unremarkable, and although a sweet girl I will not see her again, but hey, notch is a notch and even better when it ends a dry spell.
12-10-2014 09:15 PM
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