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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Once again find myself at a bracelet bar with my boys here in Tel Aviv:

- Start pounding back vodka sodas as the vibe is already in a buzzed state and I must catch up

- After 3 drinks, I open a table of Dutch girls, blonde blue eyed flawless face, most of them 8+, resemble the Elves from The Lord of the Ring, damn.

- Conversation didnt get too deep but I knew I would come back for more as the night went on

- Find myself talking to an Indian girl, tells me shes in a committed relationship, half an hour later we are making out on the bar

- Shes kind of fat, but cute face and tits, I dont have my India flag yet either, but I also could go back and game the hot Dutch girls.

- I want the quality. I made that promise to myself, but booze is entering the blood-stream and that commitment is starting to show shades of grey.

- The Indian goes back to her friends, I head back to the hot Dutch girl I had my eyes on earlier. Conversation starts warm up, when a white-knight Dutch guy friend comes out of no where and they get into deep conversation

- Fuck it, ill hit on her friend. Shes loving me, but shes a 6+, but at this point I just want the lay.

- After about an hour of talking and making out, the Dutch girl asks what I do for work. I tell her real-esate and I got some prime property I want to show her in the coming hour.

- Shes loves the preposition. We all start talking to her friends, when out of know where a friend of hers tells me " Im only letting her go with you if you can tell us her name"

- Fuck. I actually have no clue. " She doesnt even know mine". She says my name, ok Im treading in the deep end now. " What is this an interview? Interrogations are not fun in a bar atmosphere". I try and hold frame but this is a tough one, as women really do get pissed at this sort of stuff.

- Its obvious I forget. She starts to get up as if disinterested and its game over. I tell her " Ok tell me your name one more time, ask me again in 5 minutes, if I forget Ill walk off and never talk to you again, I promise". She accepts my offer.

- 5 minutes later she asks, I aint forgetting it this time. Im back in the game, she gets her jacket and we head to my place.

- The rest is history, would I have rather taken the hotter Dutch girl, but you cant win them all.

My last 3 lays have all been ONS, Im going to keep going to this bar, I like it.
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