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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
I've been back home in NYC now for a couple weeks now. Christmas break thus far has been more about relaxing and chilling with my friends from high school.

Im heading to Thailand on New Years day, so I haven't been prioritizing chasing tail in the city like I usually do...I assume I'll be getting my fair share when I arrive in Asia.

This weekend was special though - I not only banged 2 cute new girls, but both my new notches happened to be Russian. This was also one of the few times that I have essentially been picked up by a hot chick, as opposed to having to do the approach myself.

1. Sexy Russian picks me up in the East Village.

I have a little pregame at my place with some of my boys from home...fellow RVF member JasonD also joined us (him and I are close friends and we daygame whenever he is stateside, though we've only gone out at night a few times)

We finish drinking and hop in a cab heading toward the East Village. I've got a couple places I enjoy going out in the LES, but I like it the most because there's such a high density of bars in the area. If you're not having fun where you're at, simply walk around the block and you are bound to find some spots that are crawling with girls.

We get out the cab and start walking down Ludlow street. I see a group of cute girls (accompanied by 2 guys) walking towards us. I'm rocking a nice blazer + red pocket square, khakis, brown loafers, and a light spring coat on top. As JasonD and I get close to their group, I lock eyes with one of the girls. She gives me a sexual smile, grabs her friends arm, and goes "you're cute" loudly enough so that her friends and I can all hear her clearly.

I hold eye-contact with her but continue walking because she is with 2 guys, and I'm not trying to hit on their girls and start shit - I find a lot of guys feel threatened by the aggressive nature of my game and after getting into a fight last year for talking to someones girl, I now prefer flirting with girls that aren't standing right next to guys that look potentially aggressive.

Then I think, fuck that. She's hot. She opened me...she wants my dick.

I turn around and start jogging back towards the group and pull up right in front of her (my typical daygame-stop motion)

"Hey, just needed to stop you and tell you something. We kinda locked eyes back there and yeah, I think you're pretty cute too."
...we flirt back and forth for a minute or so, and the guys actually look at me and give me the thumbs up, telling me to 'go for it.' haa.

I tell her I'm heading into this bar just down the block, she should roll with me. She tells me she was just there, and that I should come with her. I'm not going to give into her frame and follower her and her friends around so I tell her nah, but we can exchange numbers and meet for a drink a little later.

She agrees and calls her phone from my cell. I pull her in for a quick kiss on the lips and then walk off. 30 seconds later she texts me. This was the conversation:

Her: It was great meeting you, Spider
Me: You too. Let's meet for a drink at 12:15
Her: Yesss
Me: The Derby. 167 orchard street.
Her: Ok
Her: Almost there
Her: I'm here

We sit at the bar and order drinks. She's honestly sexy as hell - tall dark haired russian with a pretty smile, long legs, slim body, small tits, and a nice perky ass. I'm fully confident I'm going to fuck her, so I proceed to run my typical date 1 game.

I tease her on her outfit, make some other funny remarks throughout the convo, and then transition into our childhoods. I always talk about growing up in NYC, how I learned to speak Spanish fluently, the countries I've visited etc. and then get the girl to open up and do the same.

I hold my confident/cocky frame and tease her a lot, but I toss in little stories about my family and things that carry emotional weight. I think girls who I bring out on dates generally want to fuck me because they're attracted to me, but when I throw in little emotional snippets they become certain of their decision to fuck...It's all about building a physical and emotional connection. I also tell her I'm 24 (I'm 21) as she is 26. I tell her I'm getting my MBA with a focus in real estate development.

We finish our drinks and I tell her, "I live 5 minutes away from here, let's go hangout and have another drink." (I always tell the girl I live 5 minutes away, even if I'm really 15/20 minutes away).

She tells me she's pretty tipsy and doesn't want to continue drinking but that she's down to hangout.
"No worries, we'll listen to some music and cuddle."
"haha oh yeah? I love cuddling."

We roll back to my place and she provides me with no LMR, and fucks me like a pornstar. I put her in an Uber after, and then take a taxi back to the East Village to meet back up with my boys...I didn't end up pulling again but I winged my boy who was staying at my place for the weekend. I brought him and a girl he met at the bar back to my place, and let him fuck in my parents guest bedroom. Wink I just told him to kick her out after he was finished so that my parents didn't find out my guest brought back a slut.

Props to my girl for knowing what she wanted and playing it smooth all the way through. Game recognized.

2. Crazy Russian takes it in the ass, in my dirty basement

This 2nd Russian experience took place on Sunday, on a day I normally chill with friends and family. I felt bad and decided to meetup with this girl because I had actually told her to meet me the previous night at a bar, but on my way there I bumped into the street Russian.

This girl is a genuinely crazy though, and being stood-up by me did nothing to deter her from wanting to see me again and non-stop texting me. I met her over Thanksgiving break and we had spent about 30 minutes chatting and making out. She's a 29 year old Russian chick, living here for nearly a year. I'm not sure what her intentions are (maybe marry an American guy, get a Visa etc.) but as soon as I went back to school she began texting me 24/7.

Keep in mind she did not know my real age. When she guessed that I was 25, I went along with it, and while I was back at school I had her convinced I was in Chicago investing in real-estate and attending daily meetings for 3+ weeks. Normally I would not hold a lie for this long, but she was cute, and I haven't been with many Russian girls so I was intrigued.

She would text me telling me how she was looking for love and that maybe we would have a great connection and start a family one day. I'd reply telling her she's crazy and let's just wait till I get home, maybe we won't end up liking each other etc. When I didn't respond within a few hours she'd start sending me long paragraphs. I chose to still fuck her.

Had her meet me Sunday night at the entrance to a park near my house. We walked around for a little bit catching up. Oddly enough, she seemed much more normal in person and told me she's just looking for a nice guy. I kept bringing up sex and based on her responses I could tell I was going to have my way with her. In fact, I got the sense that she was verrry submissive, and that I would be able to do anything I wanted with her.

My parents were back at my apartment, still awake, so I told her I couldn't bring her upstairs, but if she wanted, we could hangout in my basement. She seemed a little grossed out by the idea of fucking in my basement, but I assured her we didn't have to do anything sexual. Dodgy

* The basement of my building is really filthy...dead pigeons on the floor (guess they fly in and can't get out), cockroaches, dirt everywhere, and even an Asbestos warning sign.

I lead her through the basement and into the staircase which leads up to the ground floor-it's a little cleaner in there. Within a matter of minutes we're hooking up and I'm having her do a little photoshoot for me:

[Image: IMG_3114.jpg]

She's obeying my every command, but when I tell her to bend over and let me fuck her, she reveals that she's on her period. I think of the Roosh 'Period' line, and reply, "Well, your ass isn't bleeding."

I proceed to fuck her in the ass, in my basement stairway.

[Image: IMG_3118.jpg]

While I enjoyed it, I found she was a little too tight in that area (she's only 5 feet), causing a little discomfort, and the environment we were in wasn't very conducive to great sex. I like being able to lay down on a comfortable surface, but hey, it was still a lotta fun.

I walked her back to the subway and told her the truth about my age and background. I was honest with her and told her the only reason I hadn't been truthful was because I wanted to fuck her, that I thought she was very cute, and that she might not have agreed to meet had she known I was nearly a decade younger than her. Surprisingly she understood, and thanked me for a fun time. I guess she enjoyed the crazy experience (said it made her feel like a teenager again).

Fun weekend - currently getting packed up for my trip in 2 days to Thailand. I expect to come back with some awesome stories...perhaps photos as well Bigsmile

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12-30-2014 10:29 PM
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